Top 20 Best Domino’s Pizza Flavours in Malaysia 2024

Pizza is a prevalent food widely consumed by people all over the world. Domino’s is one of the top pizza places in Malaysia, providing many flavours to choose from. Its amazingly efficient delivery service makes it a go-to spot for customers who crave great pizzas delivered quickly.

Domino’s Pizza also offers side dishes to be enjoyed alongside your favourite pizza, such as Cheesecake Lava Cake, Breadstix, Cinnastix, Cheesy Mozzarella Stix, Chicken Lasagna and many more. You can order all of them at their website, or food delivery services are still delivered by Domino’s Pizza’s riders. Here are the best 20 Domino’s Pizza flavours you can pick from, depending on your and your whole family’s preference. 

What Is Domino’s Pizza’s Signature Pizza in Malaysia?

Image Credit: Domino’s

Classic Chicken is an olive lover’s dream, with ripe olives, fresh greens, and tender shredded Chicken. The classified Chicken bursts with creamy garlic butter flavour in every slice, topped with shredded Chicken, mushrooms, and a velvety Top Secret Sauce. With juicy pineapple chunks and succulent shredded Chicken, Aloha Chicken is a pineapple lover’s dream. Alternatively, the crispy and flavorful chicken pepperoni will satisfy adults and children.

What Are the Ongoing Promotions Currently Being Offered by Domino’s in Malaysia?

Satisfy your pizza cravings without draining your wallet! Domino’s offers significant savings with their irresistible Buy 1 Get 2 deal. When you order an extra-delicious regular 1-topping pizza at the regular menu price, you’ll get one more piping hot pizzas for zero extra cost. Your taste buds will be dancing as you sink your teeth into triple the cheese, savoury sauces, and mouthwatering toppings layered on Domino’s hand-tossed original crust. At just RM35.90, this is an absolute steal, whether for friends or family. 

Dominos Pizza Malaysia
Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Indulge in the extraordinary with Domino’s Fuyoh Combo – a perfect ensemble of 1 Main, 1 Side, and 1 Drink! Elevating the Fuyoh experience to new heights, the Fuyoh One combo offers a diverse selection to satisfy every palate and preference. This is not just a meal; it’s a Fuyooohh delight crafted to elevate your taste buds.

Dominos Pizza e1701048552813
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Make your Fuyoh feast from Domino’s even more rewarding with a free limited-edition bag designed exclusively by Cloakwork. For every Fuyoh meal purchased at the bargain price of just RM10 per person, you’ll receive this stylish bonus accessory free.

Dominos 1
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For information on the duration of these deals, be sure to visit Domino’s at the following link:

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20 Best Domino’s Pizza Flavours in Malaysia 2024

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1. Ultimate Hawaiian

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Ultimate Hawaiian is one of Domino’s Pizza’s succulent flavours. It is packed with deliciousness, such as perfectly roasted chicken, shredded chicken, juicy pineapples and fresh mushrooms. It lets you bite into the savoury chicken and sweet pineapples in every slice for a tasteful eating experience. 

2. Prawn Sensation

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Prawn Sensation allows you to experience all its fresh ingredients in one pizza flavour. It is full of scrummy prawns marinated in Italian herbs and spices. This flavour also has the perfect portions of imported Belgian spinach and juicy cherry tomatoes cut in half with Domino’s Pizza’s brand new sauce.

3. Meatasaurus

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Meatasaurus is another beef-loaded pizza flavour that you can choose from. It offers a generous amount of everyone’s favourite savoury beef pepperoni, ground beef and chewy mushrooms. This pizza flavour is spread with flavourful BBQ sauce to leave you wanting more of its enticing taste.

4. Simply Cheese

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Calling out all cheese lovers out there! This pizza flavour is hands down the best flavour for you. It is made of 100% mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese and a dash of oregano to add some flavour to the pizza. It has an appetising pungent smell and will make you feel like you cannot get enough of its cheesiness.

5. Smoky Pepperoni Mushroom

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Smoky Pepperoni Mushroom allows you to indulge your taste buds with the savoriness of each beef pepperoni. Its sharp-flavoured BBQ sauce and mushroom slices complement the real taste of this pizza flavour. All the ingredients are a well-thought-off combination, providing an exhilarating aftertaste.

6. Meat Mania

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza

Meat Mania is an ideal choice for individuals who love meat. This pizza is overloaded with a lot of meat types consisting of beef pepperoni, beef sausages, ground beef and chicken potpourri sausages with a fair amount of ripe olives. 

7. Spicy Sambal

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Spicy Sambal is Domino’s Pizza’s unique Malaysia creation. It includes shredded chicken, savoury anchovies, piquant red chillies, fresh green peppers and crunchy onions. This distinctive combination allows your taste buds to experience a wide range of flavours all at once.

8. Vegie Fiesta

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Vegie Fiesta is a veggie lover’s dream come true. You will get fresh ingredients like the toppings, including onions, mushrooms, green pepper and perfectly cut pineapples. The sweetness and savouriness of its toppings balance each other well to offer you a superb taste after every bite.

9. BBQ Chicken

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

BBQ Chicken is the perfect pizza flavour for those who fancy tangy tastes. It comes with shredded chicken, crunchy onions and fresh green pepper. It is then topped with 100% mozzarella cheese with drizzles of smoky BBQ sauce to finish off this exciting flavour.

10. Seafood Delight

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Seafood Delight is Domino’s seafood speciality. It is full of crab meat and tasty tuna chunks that will melt inside your mouth. This flavour is also topped with onions and green pepper, so you can still eat your greens while enjoying the seafood toppings.

11. Aloha Chicken

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Aloha Chicken is one of the classic flavours you can find in Domino’s Pizza. It is topped with a bountiful amount of milky mozzarella cheese, perfect-sized shredded chicken, and juicy pineapples. If you are a fanatic for pineapples on pizza, this flavour is undoubtedly the one for you!

12. Flaming Tuna

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

If you love tuna and spicy food, you will love Flaming Tuna. This pizza comes with flavourful tuna bite-sized chunks, onions and red hot chillies to give a nice spicy kick. Experience the spiciness of this flavour yourself! 

13. Spicy Sausage

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Spicy Sausage is a bold mix of chicken potpourri sausages, hot red chillies and juicy pineapples. All of the ingredients complement each other wonderfully, allowing you to taste a range of flavours in one bite. Those who enjoy spicy pizza may opt to try this intense and scrumptious flavour.

14. Top Secret Quattro

Image Credit:

Top Secret Quattro is for those who want to enjoy multiple flavours in one pizza. You will get as many as 4 different Top Secret flavours: Chicken Confidential, Classified Chicken, Tuna Temptation and Vegie Fiesta. This one-of-a-kind combo allows you to sample a variety of flavours without having to buy a full flavour.

15. Tropical Sambal Prawn

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Tropical Sambal Prawn is made for anyone who fancies prawns and pineapples on their pizza. It is generously topped with cook-to-perfection prawns marinated in herbs and spices for a tasty flavour. It also comes with fresh onions and red chillies with their authentic sambal sauce. 

16. Chickensaurus

Image Credit: Domino’s Pizza Malaysia

Chickensaurus is overloaded with chicken goodness. With its iconic smoky BBQ sauce, this flavour also has a generous amount of roasted chicken, chicken pepperoni and chewy mushroom slices.

17. Sambal Surf & Turf

Image Credit: Alvinology

Sambal Surf & Turf is another prawn-focused pizza flavour. It includes a lot of prawns marinated in herbs and spices, shredded chicken, pineapples and green peppers. The sambal has the proper heat, allowing you to enjoy every slice of this delish pizza.

18. Sambal Vegie

Image Credit: Alvinology

Sambal Vegie is a vegetarian pizza flavour with various fresh ingredients: mushrooms, green peppers, onions, ripe olives and sweet cherry tomatoes. This pizza flavour is also topped with sambal sauce, which gives it a spicy kick.

19. Chicken Pepperoni

Image Credit: GrabFood

Chicken Pepperoni is people’s all-time favourite. This pizza flavour offers significant portions of chicken pepperoni and creamy mozzarella cheese. Despite having only two simple ingredients, each slice of this pizza will still leave you wanting more.

20. Smoky Beef & Chick

Image Credit: GrabFood

Smoky Beef & Chicken allows you to enjoy beef and chicken in one pizza. It is also topped with onion slices, green peppers, and Domino’s Pizza’s tasteful and tangy blended BBQ sauce.

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