11 Amazing Benefits Of Petai

You’ve probably seen this long bean hanging around the market before, but in case you haven’t, they’re called Petai! If you’re the type of person who can’t handle the smell of Durian, then the smell from the Petai will probably make you uncomfortable. Even so, the smell is just a little hurdle you’ll have to face if you’re interested in eating Petai. Truly the health benefits of Petai outweigh the smell! Come and check out these amazing benefits of Petai if you’re interested in including them in your diet!

1. Makes you happy

Makes you happy crop

Petai rich in protein and amino acids which improve mood and helps us relax.

2. Reduce risks of high blood pressure and stroke

Reduce risks of high blood pressure and stroke crop

High potassium levels help to lower high blood pressure.

3. Great after pregnancy

Great after pregnancy crop

High in iron which boosts production of hemoglobin in the blood and helps with anemia. Especially useful after pregnancy since lots of blood has been lost.

4. Improve brain function

Improve brain function crop

High in potassium which strengthens learning abilities.

5. Lower risk of diabetes and heart diseases

Lower risk of diabetes and heart diseases crop

Contains chloroform which helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

6. Helps with constipation

Helps with constipation crop

High in fibre to restore bowel movements.

7. Relieves heartburn

Relieves heartburn crop

Natural antacid that aids with acid reflux and indigestion.

8. Relieves itch of mosquito bites

Relieves itch of mosquito bites crop

Rub the interior of the petai skin on mosquito bites to decrease swelling and discomfort.

9. Helps in quitting smoking

Helps in quitting smoking crop

Vitamins and minerals in petai aids with the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal

10. Prevents liver damage

Prevents liver damage crop

Contains anti-cancer agent – thioproline which helps prevent cancer and detoxifies the liver.

11. Aids with weight loss

Aids with weight loss crop

High in dietary fibre that slows down glucose absorption to prevent weight gain.

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