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Who Are We

My Weekend Plan primarily focuses on Connecting People through Quality Experience. We aim in improving the quality of life by publishing articles that are beneficial and informative to the general public that relates to increasing their standards of living.

We first started off with talking about food and how an individual can spend their time wisely in the kitchen. From there, we saw an opportunity to branch out to different areas of lifestyle that will further increase the quality of one’s livelihood. Our skilled team of writers carefully research and publish articles about various topics that range from home and living to beauty and even technology. In short, we share ideas on food, things that you can do in Malaysia and discovering the right products that fit every individual?s requirement and budget.

mwp team
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Our Mission is to help busy but curious people to improve their quality of life through unique experiences and product recommendations.
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Our Purpose

Before we started My Weekend Plan, we were constantly searching for things that we could do during the weekend to fill up our time. We would also be searching through products that we wanted to get to improve our living quarters but we did not know which would be the best items to suit our needs. We would surf the internet to look through various sites on places to eat, products to buy and activities to engage in.

“All this could have been easier if they were compiled in one easy article that would list down the best of the bests”, we thought and that is exactly how it all began. As we searched high and low through the world wide web, we realized there were tons of good places to eat, good quality products and things to do that would be worth the experience that not many people knew about. We just had to share this abundant amount of information to the people so that everyone could enjoy and experience these amazing things.

How We Started

“Focus on the quality of life and enjoy a life worth living” – Gary Lockwood

As we live our lives, we often overlook how precious our time here on Earth is and how we take it for granted. We put too much focus on unnecessary things that will not even matter in 5 or 10 years instead of living each day like it’s our last. That is why our tagline, “Experience Every Moment” truly resonates with our mission.

Our goal is to enable people to incorporate our tagline into their weekends for the betterment of their lifestyle. We believe the weekend is the perfect time to eat delicious food, have fun and acquire products that will improve our standard of living. With our website, we are able to help people achieve their goals and pick up new hobbies. We believe that the weekend should be used to build the life we want.

“Live life to the fullest because it only happens once”

Maddi Jenkins

Our Community

We are proud of the community that we have built as they have supported us through our journey as we continue to grow. Our fans have loyally followed our social media outlets on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube in which we are constantly putting out content for our viewers. Our website also has a membership program where users can have their own account in order to keep up with our articles. 

With the amount of support that we have received, we are able to collaborate with different brands to attain special promotions and discount codes that are only exclusive to our members. This is to show our thanks and gratitude towards them for their generous devotion to our website.

As of today, we have 400K of monthly website viewers and 600K of followers on our social platforms, My Weekend Plan and Apa Kau Rasa and we are looking forward to growing with like-minded people and building stronger connections.

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