12 Hidden Health Benefits Clues In Food Shape For Parts Of Your Body

There is a saying that goes “you are what you eat” and we think that’s very true to some degree. As the year progresses, in more ways than one, so does our health too. So, it goes without saying that we need to be kinder to our body as it ages. Here are some of the foods that help to target certain parts of our body with their benefits. Come and check it out now!

1. Mushroom-Ear

Mushroom Ear crop

Good for hearing

2. Carrot-Eye

Carrot Eyecrop

For good sight

3. Walnut- Brain

Walnut Braincrop

For improved brain functions

4. Grapes- Lungs

Grapes Lungscrop

For healthy lungs

5. Citrus- Breast

Citrus Breastcrop

For healthy development of breasts

6. Tomato- Heart

Tomato Heartcrop

For heart health

7. Sweet Potato- Pancreas

Sweet Potatp Pancreascrop

For a healthy pancreas

8. Kidney Beans- Kidney

Kidney Beans Kidneycrop

For well-functioning kidneys

9. Ginger- Stomach

Ginger Stomachcrop

For a healthy tummy

10. Celery- Bones

Celery Bonescrop

For strong bones

11. Avocado- Uterus

Avocado Uteruscrop

For female reproductive organs

12. Figs- Scrotum

Figs Scrotumcrop

For male reproductive organs

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