3 Quick And Easy Meals For Singles | No.3 IS THE EASIEST!

Oh I’ve got to do the laundry after work, then clean my room, oops I’ve got to cook too! OMG I’m so tired…

If this sounds like you, let me help take the burden off your shoulders with 3 quick and easy meals ideas. All of them take less than an hour!

1. Simple Mushroom & Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

Image Credit: allrecipes

All you need is a packet of spaghetti, a bottle of Prego Tomato Sauce and a can of button mushrooms.Cook the sauce and mushrooms then serve with the cooked spaghetti.

Optional: Add garlic to the sauce and garnish with parsley or basil leaves.

Variations: Swap the mushrooms with ground beef or chicken.

2. Easy Egg Fried Rice

Image Credit: seonkyounglongest

For fragrance : onion and garlic

The hero of the dish : egg and rice (well, of course haha!)

Seasoning: soy sauce, salt and pepper

Garnish: chopped green onions

Saute the onion and garlic, then add the egg and scramble. Add rice, soy sauce, salt and pepper then mix well. Finally, add in the chopped green onions.

Optional: Add in sesame sauce and garnish with some sliced red chillies or sesame seeds.

Variations: Add seafood (prawns, squid) or chicken.

3. Quick Satisfying Hot Pot

Image Credit: 슛뚜sueddu (YouTube)

Personal favourite! Just add your choice of proteins and veggies into a pot of soup, let it boil then enjoy! YES, it’s that simple.

Recommended protein: 

  • Fish or meat balls
  • Fried or soft taufu
  • Prawn
  • Clams
  • Thinly sliced meat

Recommended veggies: 

  • Mushrooms
  • Leafy greens
  • Carrot
  • Corn
  • Cherry tomatoes

You can use chicken broth, tom yam paste or any other broth of your choice to make the soup.

Lastly, after a meal, I usually have something sweet like an ice-cream. It’ll make you feel happier after a long day hehehe! Hope this helps! 

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