5 ways to stay positive during this lockdown (No. 5 seems the perfect one!)

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It’s clear that we’re currently living in such trying times and seeing the rising cases of the pandemic doesn’t help us in trying to keep a hopeful mindset. Here at My Weekend Plan, we would like to provide some methods for you to try in order to keep a positive energy during this lockdown.

1. Turn your engagement with the media to a positive one!

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  • This means that you should invest some time in following accounts that often spread uplifting messages and hopeful quotes. These are some of my favourite Instagram accounts and they are indeed helpful! 

2. Get moving

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When you’re given the chance to work from home or to stay at home, spare some time to get yourself moving. This involves stretching your body out after spending some hours on your desk. Perhaps, dancing to your favourite song with your loved ones is even more helpful. Just remember to get yourself moving to boost your mood!

3. Be friendly with your mind

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Our minds are often filled with thoughts that would create anxiety and fear especially when we’re living in times like this. Be nice to it. Talk to yourself in a way that you would talk to your best friend. Taking care of ourselves is equally as important as taking care of your loved ones.

4. Talk it out

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We’re not alone. In fact, we’re all in this together to survive so reach out if you can. Finding a friend to talk it out with instead of bottling it up will be extremely helpful in lessening your fear and anxiety. If you’re not comfortable with sharing problems with your closed ones, Befrienders KL offer emotional support just by giving them a call on their hotline (03-76272929). Remember, seeking help isn’t a weakness.

5. Self-care! (Hint: baking!)

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It’s an act of loving and comforting yourself. These include spending some time to clear your mind, maintain a healthy sleeping routine and expressing your gratitude. Baking is also a form of self-care. That’s because you’re treating yourself with something sweet at the end of the day.

Do you have any other positive habits that you do to keep up during this lockdown? Share with us so we can all benefit and get through this together. Spread some love and positivity around, and take care!

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