‘Brain-dump’ Your Thoughts Away!

We all know an overthinker or perhaps, we’re the overthinker. By definition, ‘overthinking’ is an act of thinking too much about one thing or too many things at once to the point that it builds this nasty thing called ‘fear’ inside of us and just like that, our day is ruined. 

Symptoms of overthinking?

  • Can’t stop worrying
  • Beating yourself over past decisions or mistakes
  • Having difficulty to sleep because of worrying
  • Constantly restless and hard to relax
  • Difficulty in focusing on a task
  • Feeling overwhelmed

Telling people to ‘stop overthinking it!’ simply does not work. We all know it’s easier said than done. So, here’s a tip for you overthinkers out there to try out in order to get some peace in your daily life!

It’s called the brain-dump method and it is exactly how it sounds. 

brain dump
Image Credit: littlecoffeefox

Grab yourself a pen, a journal and of course, your thoughts. 

Now that you have gathered all of the things you need, it’s time to write down the things that have been making you feel overwhelmed onto the paper. Think of this method as transferring all of the data in your head onto another place. Feels a little freeing, doesn’t it?

Bonus tip: If you overthink about having so much to be done in a day or a week, organize them into sections so you know which one to prioritise. 

Personally, this brain-dump method works a lot for me as I often overthink most of the time to the point that it disturbs my focus and work. By writing them down and looking back at what you wrote, it helps you to declutter your mind and calm yourself down.

When I look at the list of my brain-dumps, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your own brain-dump journal now to free your mind especially during these times when we’re often isolated from people. Give yourself a break from worrying.

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If you have any other tips that can benefit us, please do share! Let’s help and be there for each other! Spread the love and positivity!

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