Buttercup block vs Buttercup ambient

Question: Hmm.. is there really a difference between Buttercup block and Buttercup ambient? Answer: Only a slight difference – its storage method! Both are great options for baking, cooking, or spreading. It is just that the Buttercup block should be stored in the chiller while the Buttercup ambient can be stored at room temperature.

Buttercup Block

Buttercup block vs Buttercup ambient 1

Buttercup Blockis perfect for usage in small quantities and also for making recipes that require cold Buttercup such as flaky pie crusts!

Tip to keep it fresh: Do not store it at room temperature because it will melt easily, it is recommended to be stored in the chiller.

Buttercup Ambient

Buttercup block vs Buttercup ambient 2

Buttercup Ambient is great for large quantity baking! It is easy to store because you can leave it at room temperature, saving your chiller space. It is suitable for recipes that require soft Buttercup, which means you don’t have to thaw!

Tip to keep it fresh: Make sure to use a clean spoon or spatula when scooping out from the pail to prevent cross-contamination.


Buttercup block vs Buttercup ambient 3

Both Buttercup Block and Buttercup Ambient are great options for baking, cooking, and spreading.

They can be used in the same recipes to provide the rich, creamy and buttery taste loved by many.

The only difference is the storage method (Block in the chiller, Ambient at room temperature).

Congratulations. You now know a bit better about Buttercup block & Buttercup ambient!

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