Chinese New Year 2021 Promotions For Bakers

With Chinese New Year around the corner, it’s time to fill up your pantry, make some CNY cookies for your loved one. We understand in this covid-19 tough time, we might have limited budgeting for this. So we’ve come up with a list of some of the best deals on the market… just for you Bakers!
Let’s see what deals are offered!

(p/s: the sequence is in no particular order)

1. Rasaku


Stocking up ingredients for cooking? Wait, check out Rasaku for good prices! Their sauces and canned food are on discounts. You can also get some natural coconut products to cool off the heat. 

Rasaku is offering a cute 15% off by using the rasaweekend code with a minimum spend of only RM50. This is applicable for all products except for the Rasaku Coconut Milk and Rasaku Coconut Cream.

image1 1

Validity Period: Till 30 June 2021

2. Bake With Yen

image2 1

Popular among bakers in Malaysia, Bake With Yen has a wide array of products at such affordable prices.What’s awesome is, you can head to the physical shop for in-store promotions or visit their e-store to get exclusive gift sets for Chinese New Year. Gift giving is made easier

image2 3

Validity Period:  Entire month of January 2021
Store locator:

3. Hwa Tai

image3 1

Deals as low as RM1 on Lazada and Shopee! Yes, you read that right! Hwa Tai is giving up to 32% off price discounts with 6% off discount Vouchers. 

Special Chinese New Year bundles are also offered only at RM19.80, that comes with a free eco gift bag:

Bundle A

  • Golden Assorted Biscuit
  • Custard Cream Cookie (2 packs)
  • Luxury Cream Sandwich Tiramisu
  • Luxury Cereal with Chia Seed Cracker 

Bundle B

  • Luxury Lemon Cream Sandwich 
  • Custard Cream Cookie (2 packs)
  • Luxury Vegetable Cracker 
  • Luxury Cereal with Chia Seed Cracker 
  • Luxury Original Cracker

What’s more is, you can get this limited time promotional useful gift bag, with a minimum purchase of RM19 from any of their products!

Validity Period: 
Lazada – 22 January to 31 January 2021
Shopee – 2 February to 12 February 2021

Website link:
Lazada –  
Shopee –

4.  Khind


You can claim a Khind Mini Chopper worth RM88, just by purchasing any of the products listed in the leaflet above! Cool right? All you gotta do is:

Step 1: Purchase the desired product listed in the leaflet at the stores or via the online websites.

Step 2: Fill in your personal details, purchase information and upload the original receipt with completed warranty card details on their registration site.

Step 3: Wait happily for the Mini Chopper to be delivered to your doorsteps, around mid of March. (only customers registered with valid documents will be entitled to the promotion)

Validity Period: 15 January to 15 February 2021
Registration Site:

5. SCS Butter


A distinguished legacy as every household’s favourite butter in Malaysia and Singapore since 1905. Its rich and velvety taste is a hallmark of premium quality, passed down through generations with its signature pure creamery range.

SCS Butter goes through a special double churned process that enhances its Buttery aroma; and gives the smoother and extra creamy goodness. These are the key reasons why SCS remains the No. 1 choice for chefs and bakers.

The SCS Salted Butter is a rich, all-purpose butter that tastes great even on its own or to elevate your cooking. On the other hand, the Unsalted Butter gives a pure and natural taste that allows you to have greater control over the flavours of your dishes. 


  • SCS Salted Butter 250g –  RM11.99 (promo price), RM15.60  (usual price) 
  • SCS Unsalted Butter 227g – RM11.99 (promo price), RM15.60 (usual price)

Validity Period: Till 15 February 2021

Click here to enjoy the promotion: 
SCS Salted Butter: 
SCS Unsalted Butter:


image6 1

This year’s Chinese New Year might be slightly different, but one thing that doesn’t change is Comvita’s commitment to their tradition.

The tradition to wish their friends and family good health!

Get Comvita, World’s No1 Manuka Honey to boost your immune system and start a healthy new year!

Happy Ox Year and A Healthy 牛 Year!

Promotion details: 

  • UMF5+ Manuka Honey 250g, 15% off 
  • UMF5+ Manuka Honey 500g, 20% off 
  • UMF5+ Manuka Honey 1kg, 25% off 

Get an additional 18% off discount by using the promo code: STARTHEALTHY

Validity Period: 1 January to 28 February 2021 

7. Nyolike


Cracking your head about ingredients for Chinese New Year Dinner? Nyolike is here to save the day with their 6 in 1 Chinese New Year Dinner Set at only RM30 (Usual price: RM 36.85) 

Promotion Details: 

  • Kam Heong Sauce 
  • Nyonya Sauce
  • Chili Bean Paste
  • Salted Egg Paste
  • Vegetarian Kam Heong Sauce
  • Vegetarian Gong Bo Sauce

Validity Period: 7 January to 26 January 2021
Website link:

8. Vanhouten


What better way of keeping you feel warm than with hot cocoa? Get the Van Houten Cocoa Powder which is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and baking ingredient shops nationwide. 

Promotion Details:

  • Van Houten Cocoa powder (100g) – RM 7.68 (promo price), RM 8.40 (usual price)
  • Van Houten Cocoa powder (350g) – RM 22.68  (promo price), RM 25.00 (usual price)

Validity Period: 15 January to 31 January 2021
Website link: 



If you are looking for a hamper with PREMIER CEREAL, CHOBE is a brilliant choice. CHOBE is offering a grand Hamper Gift Box worth RM138 that includes: 

  • Chobe Lassi Butterfly Pea
  • Chobe Master (Chocolate Flavoured) 
  • Chobe Master (Oats)
  • Chobe Master (Original 750g)
  • Chobe Master (Cereal)

Plus it comes with some free gifts woohoo: 

  • CNY Bowl Set
  • Ox Soft Toy
  • Red Packet x 2 packs

Oh and FREE SHIPPING is provided!

Validity Period: Till 26 February 2021 (while stocks last)

10. Colavita

image10 2

Colavita is a premium brand from Italy and we have exquisite oil selections for all types of cooking ranging from extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and grape seed oil .

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a distinct delicate flavor that has a balance of fruity and spicy notes. Made from cold pressed methods using olives that are grown and harvested exclusively from the finest groves throughout Europe. 

Why is it so good?

  • It contains the highest amount of antioxidants among edible oils.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • High monounsaturated fat content which helps cardiovascular health, reduces Alzheimer’s disease by 40% and keeps diabetes under control
  • Halal-Certified (HQC)

It’s perfect for sautéing, grilling, roasting, baking, dressing, and marinades!

image10 1 2

Imported from Italy, Colavita’s Pure Olive Oil is a blend of refined oil fortified with proper amounts of virgin olive oil, providing a distinctive colour, taste and aroma.

Why is it so good?

  • Cholesterol and Carbohydrate Free Product
  • Smoke point between 380F – 410F
  • Halal-Certified (HQC)

The subtle olive flavor and light body makes Colavita Olive Oil an ideal choice for baking and preparing meals. Use it as a replacement for butter to create exceptionally moist baked goods. 

For a limited time period, you can get Colavita products now at an exclusive 10% off discount. Use promo code SANGCNY2 when you shop at:

Validity Period: 8 January to 28 February 2021

11. Kinohimitsu


Ladies listen up! Kinohimitsu is having a promotion too. If you get the Kinohimitsu Essence Of Chicken 6’s x 3 which is at RM138, you will be entitled to a free Chinese New Year Bowl & Chopstick Set. It has a ‘kawaii’ ox illustration on it by the way!

Validity Period: While Stocks Last 

12. KCB Kai Qin


Feeling bored during the lockdown, why not start a new hobby like baking! KCB Kai Qin has a Mini Portable Oven that’s on sale right now with a storewide discount up to 35% OFF! 

They are also offering a promotional price for their Spice/Coffee Grinder at RM50. Additionally, if you can opt to get their Super Value Bundle Pack which gives you 2 Grinders at only RM80!

If you are interested in both of these products, then get the Perfect Match Combo which gives you the Oven + Grinder at RM160. Fantastic right?

Validity Period: 28 January to 10 February 2021
Website link:

13. HanJiaOurs


HanJiaOurs is also having a great Chinese New Year Sale. ALL grinders are now below RM70 & FREE shipping is included with no minimum spendings. Hurry and get your now while stocks last!

Validity Period: 28 January to 10 February 2021
Website link: 

14. Irfaz Group


Let’s talk about spices. 

Shan is a Pakistani brand of packaged spice mixes used in Pakistani and other cuisines of the Indian Subcontinent. Founded as a cottage industry in 1981 in Karachi, Pakistan by Sikandar Sultan, the founder & chairman, by 2008, Shan had become hugely popular within Pakistan due to its quality at affordable prices for common people. 

The authentic taste of Shan is what attracts people and Irfaz has been the Distributor for these spices for almost 20 years.

Irfaz Group is having a 2+1 promotion on these Shan spices, where if you buy 2 spices and get 1 FREE! Yes FREE!

image15 1

Validity Period: While stocks last

Website links:

15. Pastry Pro


Pasty Pro is bestowing you with ‘ang paos’ this Chinese New Year. There are many vouchers being offered. Take note that these promotions are applicable to ALL PRODUCTS at their Puchong Retail Showroom ONLY.

Voucher giveaway period: 15 January to 15 February 2021
Voucher Validity Period: Till 15 March 2021

16. K.Roger’s

image16 1

An Ox-perous Chinese New Year brought to you by K.Roger’s Cookie. Many discounts and bundle deals are available. They even have Spicy Cookies! Are you daring enough to try it?

image17 2 2
image17 1 1

Validity Period: 14 January – 13 February 2021
Website link:


image17 3

ESSENTIALS will make sure you have the essentials for a wonderful New Year! FREE shipping to West Malaysia is offered with any purchase of the Chinese New Year Special Set.

East Malaysians don’t worry, you’re not left out. There’s also a shipping fee rebate of RM8 to East Malaysia with any purchase of these special sets.

image17 1
image17 2

Validity Period:  11 January to 7 February 2021

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