Do You Really Know Your Rice? | Types of Rice

Hmmm, do you though? Hehe let’s see how many of these types of rice, you have heard about or better, if you have tried it too! 

1. Ketupat or Lontong

Ketupat or Lontong
Image Credit: magazine.foodpanda

You can think of this as a rice cake that is packed inside a diamond-shaped container. This container is made of woven palm leaves. It’s so pretty and is usepr popular during Raya. 

Ketupat or Lontong 1
Image Credit: happyfresh

It is usually eaten with rendang (broiled meat in coconut milk), vegetables or sambal (chilli sauce or paste). It can also be served alongside satay (meat skewers)

2. Nasi kerabu

Nasi kerabu
Image Credit: asianinspirations

Nasi kerabu is another favourite of mine. It is a blue-colored rice which looks so pretty. The blue color comes from the petals of the bunga telang (butterfly-pea flower).

Nasi kerabu 1
Image Credit: indonesiaeats

It is usually eaten with a range of side dishes such as fried chicken, keropok (crackers), pickles and salad. You can add other ingredients like salted egg and there are a few types of sauces it can be eaten with too. 

3. Nasi minyak

Nasi minyak
Image Credit: says

Nasi minyak or also known as oily rice, is cooked with ghee and spices. It is very flavorful because of that! Cashews are sometimes added to it for more texture.

Nasi minyak 1 1
Image Credit: aziekitchen

It can be eaten with meat, cucumbers, fried tofu, crackers, omelets, raisins and sambal buah (a spicy fruit sambal with pineapples).

4. Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak
Image Credit: rojakdaily

OH YES. Nasi lemak. The rice dish that is loved all over Malaysia. This is rice cooked in coconut milk and usually served with pandan leaf to give it that awesome fragrance and taste. It is usually served with egg, anchovies, peanuts, cucumbers and the main highlight – spicy sambal! The sambal that has onions in it is the best!

Nasi lemak 1
Image Credit: dpointernational

Nowadays there are many variations to the nasi lemak. It can be eaten with chicken, calamari, clams, prawns and more.

5. Nasi padang

Nasi padang
Image Credit: johorkaki

This orise dish is served with many, and i really mean MANY different types of side dishes. It really is a feast. 

Nasi padang 1 1
Image credit: magazine.foodpanda

It can be eaten with fish, meat, vegetables and best when poured over with some nice curry.

6. Nasi tumpang

Nasi tumpang
Image Credit: traveloka

This is a rice dish that actually originates from Kelantan, Malaysia. It is rice packed in a banana leaf that is shaped like a cone. Oh and not just rice, it has layers of dishes in it! 

Nasi tumpang 1
Image Credit: tinasasiandelights

The dishes in it can be beef, fish, shrimp and definitely some curry or sambal.

7. Nasi briyani

Nasi briyani 1
Image Credit: rotinrice

This is wow. Super flavorful rice! It is made with spices and meat like chicken, beef, goat, lamb or seafood like prawn and fish. Sometimes raisins and cashews are added in it.

Nasi briyani 2
Image Credit: tribunnewswiki

It can be eaten with vegetables and the meat that it was cooked with.

8. Nasi dagang

Nasi dagang 1
Image Credit: happyfresh

Similar to the nasi lemak, this is rice steamed in coconut milk. It is eaten often with fish curry and extra stuff like cucumbers and carrots.

Nasi dagang 2
Image Credit: kuali

You can also use brown rice for this.

9. Nasi paprik

Nasi paprik
Image Credit: rasa

This dish has damn good sauce! Really! One of my favorites! If made well, omaigawhh, you just can’t get enough of it!

Nasi paprik 1
Image Credit: resepichenom

It is white rice served with a sour, spicy, sweet sauce that either can be filled with usually chicken meat or seafood like sotong and prawns, or better – both! Lots of vegetables are added too, like cauliflowers, beans , carrots and onions.

10. Nasi goreng

Nasi goreng
Image Credit: kitchensanctuary

And of course, we must have fried rice. As the name suggests, it is rice then is fried under high heat with usually garlic, onions and sauce.

Nasi goreng 1
Image Credit: seriouseats

The dishes added in it are eggs, meat, seafood and vegetables like carrots and beans. You can really change up the ingredients and make various types of it.

So rice lovers, how many did you get? You must be hungry now too right? Cause I am! A meal is never complete for us without rice. So let’s go get some now hehe?

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