FUJIOH FR-MS2390, The Space-Saving Solution for Your Kitchen

A cooker hood is essential for a cleaner and safer kitchen environment, as it effectively removes smoke, cooking odours, and moisture, improving air quality and preventing grease buildup. Invest in a cooker hood for a more comfortable and efficient cooking experience in your home!


Thinking about improving your kitchen’s ventilation with a stylish cooker hood design? Introducing the all-brand new FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390, an innovative kitchen hood with a slim design with 3 trendy colour variations to match any kitchen interior style.

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Image Credit: FUJIOH

FUJIOH, a prominent Japanese brand, is committed to delivering genuine convenience and comfort to its customers by consistently addressing their unique needs. The brand extends the advantages of cutting-edge Japanese manufacturing technologies and upholds the highest standards of Japanese quality, offering Asian customers products that enhance their daily lives. 

Pros & Cons of FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390

FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390 offers several notable advantages, including convenient gesture control for ease of use and an Aqua Slit Filter that simplifies maintenance tasks. Its slim design and a range of colour options provide aesthetic versatility. 

However, this hood may not be the best choice for heavy cooking environments. This hood is equipped with an AC motor, and its noise level will be slightly higher on the highest setting, which could be considered downsides for those seeking quieter and more powerful ventilation.

✅Gesture Control❌Not suitable for the heavy cooking environment
✅Aqua Slit Filter (Easy Maintenance)❌Use AC Motor
✅Slim design and colour variation❌Higher noise level on the highest setting

What We Like About The FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390

FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390 is a standout kitchen appliance that combines style and functionality effortlessly. Here are the reasons why we like this cooker hood:

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Variety of Colours

The hood boasts a modern and sleek design that enhances visual appeal. It also offers a choice of 3 stunning colour variations, black, white and stainless steel, allowing you to select the one that best compliments your kitchen’s aesthetic.

fujioh MixB 0511 02 4
Image Credit: FUJIOH


Its slim design makes the FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390 ideal for those seeking space-saving hood solutions as it can be installed under cabinets. Specifically catering to mid-income level individuals, small families engaged in light cooking, and with an interest in minimalist home design, it perfectly complements a range of lifestyle preferences. 

FUJIOH 2 e1698040087911
Image Credit: FUJIOH

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this cooker hood is effortless, thanks to the Aqua Slit Filter with hydrophilic coating, which easily removes oil upon contact with water, simplifying maintenance of the greasy filter. Besides, you can easily remove the filter with just one screw, further streamlining the cleaning process.

Image Credit: FUJIOH
Hydrophilic Coating
Image Credit: FUJIOH

Touch Switch with Gesture Control

The Touch Switch with Gesture Control feature on the FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390 enables hands-free operation, even when hands are wet while cooking. While all functions can be operated through gesture control, the flat glass panel remains easy to clean even when using touch switches.

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Image Credit: FUJIOH

What Makes FUJIOH Rectifier Panel One of The Best

The rectifier panel, a clever design innovation rooted in the principles of natural laws, plays a pivotal role in enhancing suction performance while minimising power consumption. This concept harnesses the inherent laws of nature to optimise airflow within the system.

FUJIOH 5 e1698040597178
Image Credit: FUJIOH

By increasing the suction speed and efficiently capturing fumes, it achieves remarkable results. The key advantage lies in its ability to maintain a minimal air volume while delivering superior suction performance. It is a highly efficient and environmentally conscious solution for improving air quality in various settings.

What We Don’t Like About It

While this cooker hood offers impressive features such as stylish design and grease removal efficiency, it is essential to consider its downsides. FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390 is not the ideal choice for heavy-duty cooking environments, which may require more robust ventilation solutions. 

Image Credit: FUJIOH

The hood is equipped with an AC motor, which can be less energy-efficient compared to other motor types. It also tends to produce a higher noise level when operating at its maximum setting, potentially causing some inconvenience, particularly in quieter kitchen spaces. These factors should be considered when assessing its suitability for your specific kitchen needs.


We still highly recommend the FUJIOH Hood FR-MS2390, especially for small families engaged in light cooking, residing in condominiums, and inclined towards minimalist home design.

This sleek and efficient hood perfectly suits compact spaces and complements minimalist aesthetics while effectively managing grease and smoke. It is a perfect choice to maintain a clean and stylish kitchen environment for those in smaller living spaces who prefer simplicity in design.


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