Gyutaro Yakiniku, The Best Wagyu Yakiniku in Damansara Uptown

Gyutaro Yakiniku is hands down the best wagyu yakiniku you can visit in Damansara! It is the one and only yakiniku restaurant in Malaysia that offers the 3 Top A5 branded wagyu. Definitely the perfect spot for those who love wagyu!

If you are from Damansara, you must be familiar with Gyutaro Yakiniku. It is a yakiniku restaurant that serves a variety of high-quality Halal wagyu beef at reasonable prices. 

So, what exactly is yakiniku? Yakiniku is a Japanese term for “grilled meat”, and Yaki means “to grill”, while Niku stands for “meat”. They are often cut into small bite-size pieces to allow easy grilling and eating.

What makes Gyutaro Yakiniku special from other yakiniku restaurants is that it is the only Japanese restaurant in town that offers the 3 Top branded A5 branded wagyu, such as:

  1. Omi Hime
  2. Hida Shichiri
  3. Miyazaki

Let’s check out the restaurant’s interior! 


This yakiniku restaurant is equipped with an effective air ventilation system that enable its patrons to enjoy grilling in a smoke-free environment. 


Gyutaro Yakiniku is built to create an environment that seems like you are having dinner in Japan. It is modern-styled, inspired by Japanese restaurants where diners are pampered with dipping sauces and juicy grilled meats.

Each room is divided with a cloth curtain with similar designs you can see in Japan to ensure privacy. 


Due to its spaciousness, this floor is made specifically for those who want to celebrate or gather with huge families, friends or even colleagues. 

You can see how each table is closed together with the concept of seating on the floor, an inspiration from Japanese restaurants. 


The moment we have been waiting for! All the food is finally served, and the mere sight of the wagyu beef and its marbling is enough to make us drool! We got the chance to try a variety of beef like:

  1. Omi Tokusen Karubi Mori
  2. Hida Tokuzyo Rosu Mori
  3. Sirloin and Ribloin Usuyaki
  4. Sharing Yukke

It doesn’t stop there! This is where you can indulge in the premium 3 top Japanese Wagyu Brands, Omi Hime, Hida Shichiri and Miyazaki, which are only served exclusively at Gyutaro Yakiniku!

Wagyu beef is known for its marbled appearance. Each wagyu beef has a unique taste and tender texture that will actually melt in your mouth. It also has a buttery and sweet taste, which you would not expect from beef! 


Every meat has a distinctive flavour and texture, letting you expand your palate. Now let’s take a closer look into each and every meat. Just look at how amazing the marblings are! Each slice has the perfect thickness, kudos to the chef for the remarkable cutting skill! 


You can also find savoury and slightly sweet Omi Tokusen Karubi Mori wagyu beef and Hida Tokuzyo Rosu Mori wagyu beef at this yakiniku restaurant. Both come with a sufficient serving, making them suitable to be shared with the whole family or friends. 

Gyutaro Yakiniku also prides itself on not only focusing on serving high-quality foods but also a comfortable dining environment. Each wagyu dish will be prepared with top-notch precision before being served to customers.  


Sirloin and Ribloin Usuyaki are another must-order that will be cut thin for quick cooking. Although it comes in a thin slice, don’t underestimate the taste, as it boosts an incredibly tasteful, sweet, umami taste you cannot experience with other beef. 


Introducing the Sharing Yukke! This dish requires you to mix the egg yolk with wagyu beef before folding it together with seaweed. The perfect combination of each ingredient makes this dish a must-try for individuals who want to try raw wagyu beef.


Let’s get grilling! Simply put the meat onto the griddles over a flame of wood charcoal to cook for a few minutes. Thanks to its perfect cut, you do not have to wait too long for the meat to cook. 

Here is one fun fact about this restaurant! It uses binchotan charcoal for grilling to enhance the taste of the wagyu beef, leaving you with a flavourful, juicy wagyu beef aftertaste that you can never get enough of!

The built-in grills on the table have strong ventilation enabling you to wallow in premium wagyu in a smoke-free environment. 


Don’t forget to try your wagyu beef with some rice for a more fulfilling meal! 


We all know that Malaysians love sauces like curry and kua, and here is the best place to mix and match your own sauce for an enjoyable dining experience! Generously dip it into the signature sauce to make the beef taste even better. 

You can also dip the beef in dipping sauce Tsuke Tare to taste the sweetness of wagyu, which will surely surprise your taste buds! Who would have thought that wagyu could be sweet? The servers will also share the correct and traditional ways or sequences of matching your wagyu with the best sauce.

The servers will understand your taste before recommending the most suitable sauce that suits your palate. This extra hospitality lets you get the most out of your visit to this wagyu yakiniku restaurant! 


Overall, our experience at Gyutaro Yakiniku Damansara Uptown was totally worthwhile. The wagyu cuts were incredibly juicy with some serious umami taste that is hard to describe in words! You must try it out yourself to know the distinctive taste and texture.

Here is the menu that we recommend to all yakiniku lovers out there:

  1. Gyutaro Mori
  2. Sharing Yukke
  3. Omi Tokusen Karubi Mori 
  4. Hida Tokuzyo Rosu Mori 
  5. Sirloin and Ribloin Wagyu 

Curious about the taste of the 3 top A5 wagyu beef? Interested in experiencing the best dining experience of your life? Let’s check out the location and other things you have to know about Gyutaro Yakiniku:

Operating Hours:

Mon – Thursday, 4pm -11pm
Fri – Sun & Public Holiday, 12pm-11.30pm (Last order 11pm)

Address: 13, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Google Map: Navigate Here

Google Review: Here




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