Have a ‘Kampung’ Meal without actually going back to ‘Kampung’

Nothing beats a good kampung (village) style meal. 

But you can’t always go back to your hometown whenever you want right? But don’t be sad, this restaurant in Bangsar let’s you have an exquisite ‘kampung’ style meal.

Have a ‘Kampung Meal without actually going back to ‘Kampung

The name of the restaurant is called Knowhere. For those who are familiar, you may be thinking but is it halal since alcohol is served here. Not to worry, you can be rest assured that the kitchen is pork-free and they only use halal ingredients.

Have a ‘Kampung Meal without actually going back to ‘Kampung 1

So back to the awesome ‘kampung’ meal that is new on their menu!

raya 2
raya 1

They are offering two types of delicious breakfast sets called the Set Pantai TImur and Set Pantai Barat for you to ‘buka puasa’ available from 13 April – 12 May 2021 for delivery and takeaway.

The Set Pantai TImur features two types of rice; ‘nasi jasmin bunga telang’ and ‘nasi dagang’. The sides are ‘ikan siakap’, ‘ayam percik’, ‘harimau menangis bakar’ (a steak fillet with tangy and spicy sauce) and ‘kerabu mangga urap kelapa’.

The Set Pantai TImur features ‘pulut kuning’ and ‘nasi minyak’. The side dishes are ‘ayam salai lemak podeh’, ‘kari kambing’, ‘siakap botok-botok’ and ‘pacheir nenas’.

Both sets give you that awesome savoury, sweet, tangy and spicy combination of a classic ‘kampung’ or Raya meal.

And oh yea! How can we not have kuih right? Traditional Malay kuih are also provided in this meal such as the all time favourite kuih lapis, seri muka and bingka ubi.

Have a ‘Kampung Meal without actually going back to ‘Kampung 2

This is what this huge ‘Berbuka di Kota’ contains. It has 8 different types of popular Raya dishes that can be enough for up to four people.

Each set is priced at RM178 and only available till 12th May!

Considering the portion and experience, this will definitely be worth trying!

You can check out their instagram here: knowherebangsar . If you would like to order, simply slide into their dms haahaha!


You can also just Whatsapp them at +60102202358 to order or inquire further.

Have a ‘Kampung Meal without actually going back to ‘Kampung 2

If you want to drop by here the details are as below:

Address: 50, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100 Wilayah Persekutuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Monday 11am–12am
Tuesday 11am–12am
Wednesday 11am–12am
Thursday 11am–12am
Friday 11am–12am
Saturday 11am–12am
Sunday 11am–12am

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