Hot & Roll – Where Crepes Cravings Get Satisfied!

Started in 2003 with their first ever outlet located in Leisure Mall in the heart of Cheras, the company is inspired by Japanese crepes, which was later further perfected by Tracy INg – the founder of Hot & Roll. Customers who have previously been associated with soft crepes, have slowly become fond of crispy crepes. It comes in a wide variety of sweet and savoury fillings to satisfy their cravings.

Hot and Roll – Where Crepes Cravings Get Satisfied

Today, Hot & Roll has over 120 outlets across Malaysia in shopping centres, institutions of higher education, transport hubs and even medical centres! Other than their crispy crepes, they are also well known for their paratha menus. If you’re looking for something more filling, go for their wholemeal wrap with fillings such as meat and vegetable and topped off with mouth-watering, savouring cheezy sauce. They only use the freshest ingredients available by working closely with suppliers that are high quality in order to ensure that they get the best quality fresh ingredients. They are also constantly developing new flavours to cater everyone’s taste buds! 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly, hardworking staff. We were then introduced to some of their best selling menus. Here is what we have tried! 

1. Crunchy Peanut

Crunchy Peanut

With a large, crispy crepe that is topped full of crunchy peanut and chocolate bits, it is flavourful and aromatic! Within the very first bite, you’ll be able to taste each individual crunchy peanut bit! Find a place to sit down while enjoying this as it has a very crunchy texture that will break into pieces with every bite! 

2. Crispy Nutty Nutella 

Crispy Nutty Nutella

If you’re a chocolate lover, especially when it comes to nutella; this is a crepe that you should not miss out on! Topped with generous fillings of nutella and peanut bits, each bite is filled with chocolatey goodness! The peanut bits add an extra crunch to each and every bite! 

3. Durian King

Durian King

For any durian lovers out there; this crepe is made especially for you! It comes with a generous fillings of durian and is infused with cheese that has been melted to perfection; each bite has a robust unique flavour! Who knew durian would go so well with cheese?! 

4. Jumbo Wholemeal

Jumbo Wholemeal

If you’re looking to fill your stomach, look no further! This wrap comes with a large hot dog, paired with lettuces and cheese sauce. Each bite is filled with cheesy goodness that you will never get enough of. 

5. Pizza Beef Paratha 

Pizza Beef Paratha

Prefer something more western? The pizza beef would be the perfect choice for you! It comes with beef pepperonis and mayonnaise sauce paired with shredded cheese that is melted to perfection, each bite is full of flavour and comes with a creamy texture! 

6. Chicken Rendang Chapatti

Chicken Rendang Chapatti

I believe that everyone agrees when I say we all love rendang, it’s one of the most famous dishes in Malaysia! This chapati comes with a generous amount of rendang paired with lettuce that helps balance out the texture and flavours, it is one of our favourites of all time! If you’re a rendang fan, this is one you should not miss out on! 

Hot and Roll – Where Crepes Cravings Get Satisfied

Above are just some of their best selling crepes that we have tried. They currently have a wide menu with over 20 different sweet and savoury flavours that you can choose from! If you’re interested in visiting them, you can check out the links below.

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM, 10AM – 10 PM (time vary depending on stores locations) 

Locate the nearest outlet near you: Here 

Visit their Instagram: Here 

Visit their Facebook: Here 

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