Inside Scoop DIY Ice Cream & Christmas Limited Specials

✅ DIY ice cream flavor🎄! Christmas to #InsideScoopAllBranchesInMalaysia

#Customize your own ice cream flavor, 10 kinds of ingredients to choose from, 240 kinds of matching combinations, buy 2 buckets, and get FREE #ChristmasIceBag😍!

Happiness Lies Within Inside Scoop
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Merry Christmas🎅🏻! This Christmas, go to 29 “Inside Scoop” stores across Malaysia to customize your own ice cream flavors. There are 10 different ice creams, sauces, and ingredients that you can freely Mix & Match, creating up to 240 different flavors. Matching combinations, such as Milk Ice Cream + Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce + Red Velvet Cake Topping, or Chocolate Ice Cream + Blueberry Sauce + Popping Candy Chocolate, etc., 

Inside Scoop
Image credit: @myinsidescoop

Customize your own ice cream flavor, so happy 🤤! [Inside Scoop] also launched the Christmas limited “Christmas Wreath Ice Cream Cake”. The donut shape is super cute. There is also a “Christmas Limited Gift Bag”. You can taste 4 ice cream flavors at a time. Anyone who buys any ice cream cake or With 2 buckets of 473ml ice cream, you will get a limited edition Christmas ice pack for free. This Christmas, you can eat ice cream at “Inside Scoop” and have a romantic Christmas!

Christmas wreath ice cream cake
Image credit: @myinsidescoop

✅ Christmas wreath ice cream cake: RM149 (suitable for 8-10 people)!

*It will be officially launched from December 1st until sold out

✅ Christmas limited gift bag: RM85

Black Forest Cake Ice Cream 1 x 300ml

Mint Brownie Ice Cream 1 x 300ml

Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream 1 x 300ml

Popping sugar raspberry milk ice cream 1 x 300ml

✅ Any purchase of 2 buckets of 473ml ice cream will get a limited edition holiday cooler bag (Holiday cooler bag)

Inside Scoop DIY Ice Cream
Image credit: @myinsidescoop

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🚙 29 branches across Malaysia


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