KFC x PUBG Free Loot In-Game

KFC has collaborated with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG MOBILE to deliver exclusive in-game loot featuring an Original Recipe directly from the Colonel’s kitchen.

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Are you prepared to gear up and immerse yourself in the gaming experience? Enter your code now to seize your virtual feast.

Here are the steps you have to do:

1. Buy KFC x PUBG Bundle Meal at the nearest KFC outlet or online

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Image Credit: KFC

2. Scan the QR code and scratch the provided E-Code with each purchase

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Image Credit: KFC

3. Insert the E-Code on kfcxpubg.com and fill in your details

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Image Credit: KFC

4. Confirm the email, copy the verification code and get the next guide

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Image Credit: KFC

5. Visit pubgmobile.live/kfc

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Image Credit: KFC

6. Fill in your PUBGM ID, CDKEY and verification code to receive in-game loot

Screenshot 2023 11 16 at 4.48.12 PM
Image Credit: KFC

7. Log in to the PUBGM app and redeem your FREE loot in the in-game mail!

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Image Credit: KFC

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