25th Anniversary! Give 25 prizes every week!

Everyone’s favorite chain convenience store, myNEWS will mark its 25th anniversary! In order to give back to our loyal customers for their continued support, myNEWS will bring various offers and benefits from now until December 31, and we are ready to give you benefits! In addition to giving out RM100 myNEWS credit every week to 25 lucky winners, everyone will also have the opportunity to win limited and exquisite Coca-Cola products. What’s more exciting is that everyone will also have the opportunity to participate in the 25-second shopping spree held by myNEWS. Oh! How can you miss such a good thing?

Credit: myNEWS

In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary Celebration, myNEWS will bring a variety of “25” related activities! If you don’t want to miss it, just follow the editor and look down!

✅ Activity 1: 25 Weekly Winners

From now until December 31, myNEWS will give out myNEWS credits worth RM100 to 25 lucky winners every week! You only need to purchase at least one participating product through the myNEWS app during the promotion period and spend more than RM20 in a single receipt to get a chance to participate! The more you buy, the greater your chances. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones to win RM100 myNEWS credit!

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Credit: myNEWS

✅ Activity 2: 25 Second Shopping Spree

Yes, you’re not mistaken! myNEWS will give you 25 seconds of shopping spree, which is really exciting!

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Credit: myNEWS

myNEWS will select the three lucky winners with the highest spending in November and December, and let them have a 25-second shopping spree in designated myNEWS branches!

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Credit: myNEWS

✅ Activity 3: 25 Coke Prizes

Coca-Cola controllers look over here! From now until December 31st, anyone who purchases any Coca-Cola participating product on myNEWS will receive a stamp. As long as you collect five stamps, you will have a chance to win a limited edition. Coca-Cola peripheral products!

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Credit: myNEWS

The organizer will select 25 lucky winners! What are you waiting for? Now hurry up to join the event and see how high your lucky index is!

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With so many tempting activities, don’t you like it? Your heart is worse than action. Hurry up and join as a myNEWS member now. Maybe you are one of the lucky stars who won the prize!

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In addition to having the opportunity to win bonus prizes, myNEWS members can also enjoy many good deals! Without further ado, let the editor take you first to see that myNEWS will bring to members those great deals that you must not miss this December!

✔️ Offer 1# Give you antibacterial hand sanitizer for free!

MyNEWS members have a good life without interruption! This December myNEWS will give free 50ml AceMD antibacterial hand sanitizer to the first 200,000 myNEWS members! Let you wash and disinfect your hands anytime, anywhere, and protect yourself and your family!

Credit: myNEWS

What are you waiting for? Check your myNEWS app now or [click here] to receive the gift voucher, and go to myNEWS to redeem the gift before January 31, 2022

Credit: myNEWS

✔️ Promotion 2# You will have a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 if you purchase the designated products!

From now until January 31, 2022, you can also win a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 worth RM3,999 when you purchase SNOW Plus Zero Nicotine on myNEWS!

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Credit: myNEWS

Yes, you’re not mistaken! No need to spend money to buy a new mobile phone, myNEWS is given to you for free! Don’t you be tempted? It’s better to take action. Go to myNEWS to buy SNOW Plus Zero Nicotine, Top Spender to win Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3!

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Credit: myNEWS

✔️Offer 3# Authentic Tea House buy 7 get 1 free!

Every purchase of 7 bottles of Authentic Tea House drinks can get a free bottle. How can you miss such a great deal? Collect myNEWS decals (Stamps) now!

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Credit: myNEWS

✔️ Offer 4# Buy an Onde-Onde popsicle and get RM1 discount for the next purchase!

In hot weather, would you like to have a cool Onde-Onde popsicle? Then hurry up and buy at myNEWS! Whenever you purchase an Onde-Onde popsicle, you can get a RM1 discount on your next purchase!

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Credit: myNEWS

✔️ Offer 5# Maru Kafe super discount, Maru Bakes, Coffee and iCHi QQ buy eight get one free!

If you want to buy a variety of pastries or coffee drinks, of course, you must go to Maru Kafe! Buy 8 get 1 free, you can take the treasure if you miss it!

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Credit: myNEWS
Credit: myNEWS
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Credit: myNEWS

✔️ Offer 6# Maru’s Season of Joy, members can enjoy up to 20% discount!

This December, Maru Kafe will bring Maru’s Season of Joy promotions. You can choose from a variety of food and beverages, including Chocolate Lava Cake, Matcha Lava Cake, Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll, and Iced Toffee Latte, you can’t help but buy them all! It is worth mentioning that myNEWS members can enjoy up to 20% discount! Don’t miss this great value discount!

*This offer is only available at designated Maru Kafe branches.

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Credit: myNEWS

After reading the above myNEWS member benefits, do you have any reason to refuse? If you are not a member yet, download the myNEWS app [Google Play Store or Apple Store] now and register as a member! A lot of goodies are waiting for you, and you have the opportunity to participate in myNEWS 25th Anniversary Promotions, giving you the opportunity to win various bonus prizes!

For more details of myNEWS membership benefits, please check through the myNEWS app or [click here].

Event Details:

Promotion: myNEWS 25th Anniversary Promotion

Promotion Date: From now until December 31

Promotion location: All branches in Malaysia

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