OPPO A18, The Latest Budget Phone for Gaming

In search of a budget smartphone that effortlessly handles your scrolling, photography, video streaming, and productivity? Look no further. The brand new OPPO A18 is just the right budget phone you are looking for.

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Let’s check out the features of this phone:

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Run Smoother

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With up to 4GB Extended RAM2 and the option of up to 1TB of Extra Storage3, you can have all the memory and storage you will ever need. Powered by the Dynamic Computing Engine, this phone ensures an exceptional user experience that remains top-notch for up to 36 months.

Bigger, Brighter Screen

Experience a more immersive viewing with a bigger and brighter screen, delivering vibrant colours and a swift refresh rate, ensuring seamless on-screen action. The phone is 16.7% lighter, up to 720nits5 for brightness, and boasts 14.3% lower power consumption6. This display, covering 100% of DCI-P3, also incorporates eye-care features for a comfortable viewing experience.

Lasting Battery

With its large 5000mAh battery, this phone can easily handle a full day of demanding tasks, extended gaming sessions, or leisurely social media scrolling, ensuring you will not need to worry about running out of battery. It boasts over 7 hours of gaming time and 32 hours of continuous calling on a full charge, providing uninterrupted usage. Even with just 5% battery left, you can still manage over 1.6 hours of calls.

Side Fingerprint Unlock

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Elevate your daily experience with sophistication through the high-end 2D design. Swiftly immerse yourself in on-screen action with the rapid side fingerprint unlock function, ensuring you get to what matters most immediately. This combination of elegant design and convenient security features enhances your everyday interactions with your device.

Glowing Design

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Choose between two captivating colour options, Glowing Black and Glowing Blue, to suit your aesthetic preferences. Glowing Black offers a contemporary twist on classic black, featuring a mesmerising string of pearl design that accentuates the camera. On the other hand, Glowing Blue transports you to the enchanting depths of a vibrant, shimmering blue, reminiscent of a perfect summer’s day by the sea.

Grab the OPPO 18 for just RM499!


Source: OPPO

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