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Remove-Egg-Shells-With-Egg-Shells- -Works-Like-A-Charm--x-
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I know. It can be so frustrating right.

You just wanted to fry an egg, so you crack it into the bowl, but damn! The pieces fall inside the bowl with the egg in it.

It gets even more annoying now because you try to pick up the shells, but those stubborn pieces are just not coming out at all!

Here is what you can do. Use that SAME egg shell to pick up the little pieces in the bowl. It has some sort of invisible yet powerful force that attracts the smaller pieces when you try to scoop it with the larger egg shell.

Remove-Egg-Shells-With-Egg-Shells- -Works-Like-A-Charm--x-
Image Credit : food-hacks.wonderhowto

This saves way more time compared to using your fingers or even a spoon to remove the tiny egg shells from the bowl. It’s also a lot less messier than using your bare fingers.

Remove-Egg-Shells-With-Egg-Shells- -Works-Like-A-Charm--x-
Image Credit : food-hacks.wonderhowto
Remove-Egg-Shells-With-Egg-Shells- -Works-Like-A-Charm-x-
Image Credit : food-hacks.wonderhowto

A test was done by Brady Klopfer on this, and it took around 12 seconds to remove the egg shells when using fingers, around 5 seconds to remove the egg shells when using the spoon and only around 3 seconds when using the egg shell itself. 

Now you don’t have to worry about this annoying situation as much.

If you have any other useful tips like these for making our lives easier hahaha or other cooking tips at all, do let us know! Happy Cooking!

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