Small Baking Tips That Makes A Big Difference

Know how people always say little things matter? Well they do, even in baking!
We are back to shower you with 19, yes, 19 small baking tips that would make a big change.

Either you are making a gooey chocolate cake, crispy apple pie or some classic cheesecake — regardless of what you’re making, always put keep these tips in mind!
Go on a rundown of our 19 useful tips below

Tips 1


When baking anything, prep the pan before you prep the batter.

Once your ingredients are mixed together, you need to pop our baked goods in the oven ASAP!

Tips 2


To make whipped cream extra fluffy, refrigerate your mixing bowl beforehand.

It will be much more stable and fluffy than if you had used a room-temperature bowl.

Tips 3


Making a layer cake? Flip the top layer upside-down to get a perfectly flat and even top.

Instead of trimming your top cake, you can just flip it for an easy and perfectly smooth result.

Tips 4


When decorating, secure the cake with a spoonful of frosting at the bottom so it stays in place.

This little trick will help with the latter and ensure your cake doesn’t move at all during the process.

Tips 5


If you are using a cake stand, pre-line it with parchment – so it stays clean while you are frosting.

Tips 6


Amp up the flavor of chocolate baked goods by adding espresso powder to the batter.

Tips 7


Let your cookie dough “ripen” for at least 24 hours in the fridge before baking.

Tips 8


Make sure you are using the right size eggs for your recipe.

Tips 9


When a recipe calls for room temperature butter, actually use room temperature butter.

Tips 10


Invest in a kitchen scale.

The best way to measure ingredients accurately is by weight – rather than volume.

Tips 11


…and in an oven thermometer.

Getting your oven to the right temperature is crucial when baking. Even when you preheat your oven, it may not actually be at the temperature you need.

Tips 12


If you want to fully nail the look and texture of a cookie, take some time to learn (and geek out!) over the science behind it.

Tips 13


Use your hands – instead of eggshells to separate the whites from the yolks.

Tips 14


If you are beating egg whites into stiff peaks, check if they are ready by flipping the bowl upside down.

Tips 15


Do not skip sifting.

It will keep lumps at bay and ensure dry ingredients get incorporated well.

Tips 16


When a recipe tells you to cream the butter and sugar together, take the time to do it right.

Tips 17


Prop your piping bags in a glass or a jar to fill them without making a mess.

Tips 18


Set your timer to five minutes before baking is supposed to be done.

You do not want your cake or cookies to come out dry and overcooked.

Tips 19


Always add a pinch of salt to your dough or your batter to make it more flavourful.

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