Denise Teh

If this is your first time hearing the word ‘meringue’, let us enlighten you! 

Meringue is a featherweight and delicate pastry, made with a simple combination of egg whites and granulated sugar whisked together. 

The technique and ingredients you use will determine the type of meringue you end up with. There are three types: Swiss, French, and Italian. As simple as it sounds, don’t be fooled by it.

While we were searching and hunting for Malaysian bakers making meringues and we stumbled upon Sweet Hato. To fill you in, the founder of Sweet Hato, Denise Teh, specialises in Swiss Meringue. Check them out on her Instagram @sweet.hato!

When we reached Denise’s place, we were invited into her house and we chatted while she did a mini house tour for us. We were so amazed at how she could run her meringue business with just a small kitchen that she shares with her mom. 

It’s admirable how Denise didn’t let her initial limited resources stop her from starting up a business. She certainly earned her place to be where she is today. 

As we were about to begin our shoot, she offered us to try her Pikachu meringues and we hesitated for a while to chomp them down because they’re just TOO CUTE!

Cute Swiss Meringue

Not long later, her mom, Joyce Wong, welcomed us with a warm smile and greet. There and then, we knew Denise is blessed with a great supporting pillar that has the biggest and most caring heart. 

Cute Swiss Meringue

We’re not even kidding when we say we were spoilt with good food and nice coffee. Imagine being served with meringues made by Denise, and homemade brownies and sourdoughs made by her mom. What a joy!

It was an interesting journey for Denise to start from where she was to where she is today.  From the legal field to the baking industry, it was a huge shift and not an easy decision. But her persistence definitely inspires many youths and adults out there. Anyways, we’ll save our words, enjoy watching if you want to know more about her!.

In the midst of baking, Denise kindly offered us to try and experience piping meringues. I must say it was fun!

Cute Swiss Meringue
MWP team piping out meringues.

How do you think we did? A+ for trying? HAHA.

Cute Swiss Meringue
Denise texted us our final product of the meringues that we tried piping. As beginners, not bad I’d say! 🤣✌🏼

Two takeaways from our experience with Denise Teh:

1. Make friends with great bakers, you never know when you’ll be offered ‘complimentary’ pastries and pick up lessons on baking!

2. We definitely need more practice to ‘perfect’ our meringues. But you know what? Save your time, just enjoy the legitly cute and delicious meringues from @sweet.hato. 

Thank you Denise and Joyce for such warm hospitality! ❤️ 

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