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Working from home is super tiring, we know. It changes everything. Who would’ve thought it would take a global pandemic to make us realize that we would much prefer to go to work rather than working from home? These tips we’re giving out are super essential to have a healthy work from home routine so that you don’t become easily drained and stressed out. Let’s get started!

1. Rise Early

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Yes, we know. This is a common routine even before working from home started but doesn’t everyone have a little thought in their head thinking that it’s okay to wake up a little later just because you’re working remotely? Haaaa, don’t lie. It’s kinda a good thing that we don’t have to worry about the traffic jams and the amount of cars on the road when we go to work the next morning, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wake up early.

Waking up early has its benefits. It lets you know that you’re not spending as much time in bed than you’re supposed to, but study your own body clock first and see what time you should wake up to start the day (it’s definitely not after work hours have started and it’s definitely not at 12). Make sure you set up a healthy sleeping routine to get enough energy throughout the day and that means no scrolling on the phone in bed. Rest your eyes. 

(Psst! Check out our sleeping tips for a better zzzz routine!)

2. Vitamin D Secured

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Now that you’re awake and it’s early, don’t waste your time sitting in bed! Instead, do some meditation or listen to the call of nature outside. If you’re unable to, perhaps opening up a relaxing background music will definitely help. It’s something my dad listens to every morning. I think it helps him.

But now we’re currently focusing on getting Vitamin D. 

This is from my own experience and this is my method of calming myself down and to remind myself to take things one at a time. I read somewhere that it’s something we should do at least every morning to stay healthy in mind and body.

What I like to do is to stand outside for about 5 minutes around 8 in the morning to let the sun bathe my skin. That sounds a little dramatic but yes, what I usually do is stand outside and just breathe in some fresh air. Letting my eyes wander around the leaves on the tree in front of my house and taking in the quiet atmosphere. It’s almost therapeutic. My dad has his relaxing background music and I have my own.

I’d really recommend doing this every morning because it just lets you think straight for a while before diving into your work and staying inside until the day ends. Hey, at least you’re getting some sun.

3. Remind yourself of your purpose

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I think this is something important that we should try to do everyday. Sometimes, we don’t even think of ourselves and just do what we have to do to get through the day, and at some point we’ll become unmotivated and lost. 

So, after you’ve woken up early in the day or standing outside in the sun trying to catch the vitamin D, think about yourself. Think about how far you’ve come and how you were able to push yourself through the tough times that you thought you could never go through. It reminds you that you’re strong enough to do whatever that comes at you and make that your motivation.

Remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing right now and how you can improve yourself so you’re able to put your focus on achieving your goals. Think of the things that you’re grateful for, think of the things that you like about yourself and most importantly, remember that you are doing what you’re doing for a reason. 

When you’re getting the sudden lack of motivation, take a break and do this step. It’s worth your time.

4. Cold showers in the morning

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Oh what a way to kickstart the morning. Cold showers help. Every once in a while, ditch the hot showers and opt for the cold ones. Yes, the morning is too cold but it’s such a good way to help you stay awake. There’s a reason why people wake up others from sleep by splashing cold water on them in shows and movies.

It has its own benefits such as reducing your stress levels, improving your emotional resilience and immunity, stimulating weight loss along with boosting your alertness (I mean, duh. Imagine having a cold shower and not immediately being woken up by it. Are you even human at that point?)

What I’m trying to say is, slowly ditch the hot water and give yourself a nice, cold shower to wake yourself up and start the day. Trust me, it’s the best kind. Well.. that’s because my house only has the cold water option. Like it or not, cold showers are the only way to go.

5. Have a good breakfast meal

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Let’s all admit here, when it comes to working remotely, the best part is getting to move back and forth from our workspace to the kitchen. Not only that but you’re saving money from the usual need to get out of the office to get some food in your stomach. But let’s talk about breakfast here. Back when you’re not working remotely, you probably didn’t have the chance to get some food because you’re rushing to get to the office. So hey! Now’s your chance to achieve a healthy work routine by getting some breakfast because you do know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

If you’re not getting breakfast, how are you supposed to get through the day? Having breakfast helps to kickstart your energy and metabolism because you’ve been sleeping and resting for hours so love yourself, get some food in you before you start working. It’ll help with your concentration levels and be more engaged.

If you’re wondering why you’re feeling all drowsy and tired throughout your work 

hours before lunch, think about whether you’ve had your breakfast or not.

In fact, check out our various simple breakfast recipes that you’re going to LOVE!

6. Set your intentions and prioritise for the day

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See this as a checklist, or better grab a journal and start writing down what are the tasks you want to focus on a day. Don’t put too many activities in one day or else you’re going to feel burnt out or you’re not gonna build up any motivation to finish off what you need to do.

Having an intention for something will drive us to move forward and guide us on what to do for the day. 

Begin your day by reviewing the tasks you need to finish from the most urgent and to the least, and estimate the time to complete each of the tasks. When you’ve written down the tasks, make sure you stick to it. Working remotely has its own downsides and one of them is definitely the distractions because all of a sudden you want to do so many things in that specific time and it’s so not helping. 

Knowing your priorities and having it put right in front of you (the checklist), you will definitely be on track. If you’re having trouble focusing, I’d really suggest using the Pomodoro technique where you’re giving yourself to focus for 25 minutes on a task and a 5 minute break. It’s surprisingly very helpful for me and the best part? There are tons of them on YouTube or you can use this website to start working! And when you start to tick off the tasks on your to-do list, it’s the best feeling ever.

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll be able to follow them one by one and day by day. It’s not going to give you the best results immediately but with effort, you’ll get there. Try to figure out what’s best for you. We’re all trying here. Share these work from home tips around to your friends and family, who knows they might need it! Good luck, cheering you on from home! You can do it!

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