Top 10 Best Vanilla Essence in Malaysia 2023

What if the world had not discovered Vanilla beans? Would our pastry and cakes taste and smell as good as they are now? Vanilla essence plays an important role in most of our food choices. Whether it be in baking, cooking or even drinking, Vanilla essence is present for the most part. Which is why we bring you the best options for Vanilla essence that we can find in Malaysia.

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1. Simply Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Non-Alcoholic Flavoring, Farm Grown 

Simply Organic Madagascar Vanilla Non Alcoholic Flavoring Farm Grown 1
Image Credit: Lazada

Award-winning Simply Organic pure vanilla extract is made from premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans (Vanilla planifolia). No imitation flavours or colours, and no added sugars. Warm, drool-worthy aroma and a deep amber colour to entice you. The rich, naturally sweet, buttery smooth flavour with subtle floral notes will leave you captivated for more. This is what real vanilla is all about. Use it to bake or mix it in your drinks to add that extra sweetness.

Specification: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans | 0.5% Alcohol | Gluten-Free | Organic | Vegan | Kosher Certified

Size Available: 59ml

2. Bionutricia Vanilla Extract

Bionutricia Vanilla Extract 1
Image Credit: Bionutrica

The blend of harmonious natural and rich flavour in Bionutricia’s Vanilla Extract is a journey worth exploring. The strong flavour of this extract will not be dulled easily when in use. Bionutricia prides itself in creating a sustainable, natural and amazing quality vanilla extract.

Specification: Sodium-Free | Non-GMO | Vegetarian safe | Gluten-Free | Lactose-Free

Size Available: 60g & 200g

3. FlavDrops Vanilla Essence 

FlavDrops Vanilla Essence 1 1
Image Credit: myprotein

Sweets are hard to run away from. That is why FlavDrops created the perfect blend of sugar-free essences that you can enjoy without any worries. They’re the perfect way to keep what you eat interesting. Take your taste buds to trip down to “FlavourTown” when you buy their signature essences for your baking lifestyle. Enjoy their products with any protein shakes, morning porridge, and even plain yoghurt without having any extra sugar or fat.

Specification: 0% Total Fat | Gluten-free | Vegan | Vegetarian-safe | Multiple Flavours

Size Available : 50ml & 100ml

4. Vanilla Trading In-House Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Trading In House Vanilla Extract
Image Credit: Inhouse

Vanilla Trading In-House Vanilla Extract is made out of Papua New Guinea’s vanilla bean extractives and glycerin. It contains 4 vanilla pods in each bottle. This product does not contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, emulsifiers, carriers, antioxidants, ethyl vanillin or coumarin. Store it well and because the shelf life of this product is 5 years.

Specification: Papua New Guinea Vanilla beans | Organic | Vegetarian-Safe

Size Available: 60ml

5. STAR BRAND Artificial Vanilla Flavour

STAR BRAND Artificial Vanilla Flavour
Image Credit: Lazada

When talking about vanilla essence, we cannot forget our roots. At some point in our journey to discovering our inner baker, we probably used this brand more than once. Loved by many, adored by all, this fragrant essence has it all!

Specification: Halal | Artificial Vanilla Flavour | Vegetarian-safe

Size Available: 25ml

6. Wilton Clear Vanilla Flavor Extract

Wilton Clear Vanilla Flavor Extract
Image Credit: Shopee

Add flavour without changing your icing colour! This clear imitation vanilla extract is the perfect thing for homemade buttercream, royal icing or other frosting recipes. It adds that warm vanilla flavour you love without a brown tint. It’s essential for pure white wedding cakes and maintaining vibrant colours. Certified kosher.

Specification: Artificial Vanilla Flavour | Certified Kosher | Vegetarian-friendly

Size Available: 59ml

7. Queen Natural Vanilla Extract

Queen Natural Vanilla Extract
Image Credit: Shopee

Beautifully rich and syrupy, this vanilla extract is ideal for use in recipes where no heat is used, but also works well in classic baking recipes. Perfect for no-bake recipes such as icings, whipped cream, chilled desserts and drinks.

Specification: Pure Vanilla beans | Less than 1% Alcohol | Organic

Size Available: 200ml

8. McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract 

McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract
Image Credit: Shopee

Do you want only the pure flavour of natural vanilla? Made in Madagascar, this extract will give you the classical vanilla flavour recipes without any artificial substance. Vanilla beans, water and alcohol. That’s all to it. The lack of added sugar also makes this extract a great choice for savoury vanilla recipes—and since it is pure vanilla, a little goes a long way!

Specification: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans | 41% Alcohol | All-Natural | Gluten-free

Size Available: 29ml & 59ml

9. Heilala Breakfast Vanilla (Alcohol-Free)

Heilala Breakfast Vanilla Alcohol Free
Image Credit: Shopee

Outstanding quality and strong flavouring make this product a must-have. This product is alcohol-free and allergen-free, so everyone can enjoy it together. Great for  a wonderful aftertaste in your oatmeal or tea as a sweetener.

Specification: Polynesia Vanilla beans | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Peanut Free | Organic | Vegan

Size Available: 50ml


Image Credit: Lazada

Made from the finest quality Madagascan vanilla beans using a unique technique employed for the past 100 years. The delicate aromatics are captured and aged to produce a rich and subtle flavour for the most discerning taste.

Specification: Madagascar Vanilla beans | Gluten-free | Organic | Contains Alcohol

Size Available: 100ml

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