Top 8 Best Chair Pads In Malaysia 2023

Nowadays, many people need to sit for a long time due to working, especially the office workers or home workers. At the same time, the chair surface with start to get rotten and damaged because of long-term sitting. Thus, people will feel uncomfortable and find it hard to concentrate while working. Furthermore, they waste money on maintenance or buying a new chair.

So, we should use a chair pad to reduce back pain or comfort our sitting posture. Other than that, it can well-protect the chair surface to avoid any damage. Moreover, a chair pad is soft and smooth to comfort us while seated. Here is the list of the top 8 Chair Pads in Malaysia 2023:


Image credit: IKEA

It is made of Polyurethane foam which provides great comfort and long-lasting support. The hook and loop fasteners keep the chair pad in place. This chair pad has two identical sides so it can be turned over for even wear. You can use a washing machine to wash it too. It fits STEFAN, IVAR, and JOKKMOKK chairs.


  • Material: Cotton (Outer Fabric), Polyurethane foam 20kg/cu.m. (Filling)
  • Colors: Grey, Natural, Green, Dark Blue/Stripped, Red, Pink
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Size Available:
    • Min. width: 35 cm
    • Max. width: 42 cm
    • Depth: 40 cm
    • Thickness: 4.0 cm


High quality of material
Hook and loop fasteners
Two identical sides

Price: RM24.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

2. Wenbo Chair Pad

Wenbo Chair Pad
Image credit: Shopee

It can elevate your home design or it can improve your home lifestyle design.It is resistant to quick fading and all weather conditions. You can use it for the office, living room, study room, and more. Plus, it is easy to care for, it can be spot cleaned lightly or hand-washed with mild detergent and cool water due to its cushion fabric.


  • Material: 100% polyester fiber filling
  • Patterns: Coffee Grid, Dark Blue Grid, Grey Grid, Black Grid, Yellow Line, Paris Tower, Flamingo, Fish, Leaf, Star
  • Size Available:  40cm x 40cm x 5cm (may be vary up to 2cm)


Fading in sunlight
Sewn Seam Closure
Easy care

Price: RM6.10-RM19.66 

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

3. FALIFAP Round Garden Chair Pads

FALIFAP Round Garden Chair Pads
Image credit: SeeTracker

It is made of high-quality Sponge and Polyester. It is modern and delicate in design. Plus, it has two straps on the side with a diameter of 30 cm, and four straps on each side with a diameter of 38 cm.


  • Material: Sponge and Polyester
  • Color: Purple, Dark Coffee, Light Grey, Wine Red, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Beige, Brown, Yellow, Green, Orange, Dark Grey, Light Green
  • Size Available:  Diameter 30cm / Diameter 38cm


Comfortable and portable

Price: RM5.18 – RM5.67 

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

4. RuangKu Chair Pad

RuangKu Chair Pad
Image credit: Shopee

It is also a Velvet chair pad. It is suitable for a tent, car, bed, sofa, seat, couch, bench. Other than that, it is environmentally friendly and soft. It is highly recommended to wash it by hand. 


  • Material: 100% durable cotton
  • Color: Blue, Dark Grey, Green, Light Brown, Light Grey, Pink, Red, Yellow
  • Size Available:  41cm x 41cm


Soft and smooth
Washable and long-lasting
❌ No washing machine
❌ No Ironing
❌ No bleaching

Price: RM15.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

5. Tatami Chair Pad

Tatami Chair Pad
Image credit: Shopee

Tatami Chair Pad is comfortable and breathable. It can be put on your back or hugged in your arms. It suits mostly all seat chairs and is good for decoration purposes. You can use it for the living room, bedroom, patio, lounger, and others.


  • Material: Corduroy Cover (Plush) (Outer Material), Durable & Quality Cotton Filling (Inner Material)
  • Color: Red/Green/Orange/Purple/Blue/Rose/Yellow/Brown
  • Size Available:  36cm (L) X 36cm (W) X 8cm(H)


Can be put on back and hugged in arm
Mostly suitable for all seats
Bright color
Good for decoration

Price: RM19.90-RM21.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

6. ZAPPO Chair Pad

ZAPPO Chair Pad
Image credit: Lazada

This kind of chair pad is 100% brand new and high quality. It is smooth and suitable for offices, living rooms, study rooms, and others.


  • Material: Nylon +memory foam
  • Color: Blue, Brown, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Maroon, Yellow
  • Size Available: 40cm x 40cm x 4cm


Wholly brand new and high quality
Good for decoration
Smooth and durable

Price: RM19.99 

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

7. HA_Comfortable Yoga Chair Pad

HA Comfortable Yoga Chair Pad
Image credit: Shopee

It can be used to avoid posture contortions, but also as a yoga auxiliary aid. You can use both sides of the cushion uplift to press from the outside to the inside, so that the center of gravity of the hip is kept inside, making the hip more robust and flexible.


  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Color: Blue + Pink
  • Size Available:  40cm x 38cm x 10cm (Approximately) 


Comfortable and Breathable
Yoga auxiliary aids
Health Cushion
Low rebound material
Good water absorbent
15 degrees of inclination
Avoids posture contorts

Price: RM15.84

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

8. Cotonsoft Capella Chair Pad with Ribbon Tie

Cotonsoft Capella Chair Pad with Ribbon Tie
Image credit: Lazada

Cotonsoft’s Capella Chair Pad is another practical item for you. It comes in two patterns and eight trendy colors for your modern house. This Capella chair pad includes ribbon ties to retain it in position so you may sit comfortably.


  • Material: Polyester fiber + Polycotton cover.
  • Color: Beige, Blue, Green, Grey, Navy, Red, Surf, Yellow
  • Size Available:  40cm x 40cm x 5cm


Comes with ribbon tie
Safe to use
Keep the position of chair pad

Price: RM19.90

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase 

6 Ways To Use A Chair Pad For Adequate Comfort And Style:

  1. Put on the office chair

You can put the chair pad on your working chair. You can use it to lean against or simply to lean on. Chair pads in a wide range of colours and patterns will not only enhance the look of your workspace, but will also provide you with adequate comfort and backrest during work.

  1. Put on the dining chair

It is great to put the chair pad on the dining chair which can provide comfort and sophistication to you because most dining room sets are  among the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture. Plus, you can have a comfortable seat when preparing recipes in your kitchen.

  1. Put for the back of chair

You can put the chair pads for the backs of chair which make you feel more comfortable especially when sitting on the wooden or wicker rocking chairs. You just need to ensure they are the right size and have suitable cushioning.

  1. Enhance the beauty of home

You can use the chair pads to decorate the house for better enhancing the beauty of it.  Feel free to choose the colors you prefer and mix them with other boring furniture to create more colorful visions to your house.

  1. Put on the spare chair

You can top the gorgeous chair pads on the spare chair which is old or not parted with others for a new look. Also, you can sit on it when there is no other chairs around.

  1. Bring it for outdoor activities

It is good to bring the chair pads for outdoor activities. You can put it on the lounge chair or on the grass which provide you an adequate comfort and style, at the same time, it can help you to avoid getting any dirt.

In short, a chair pad is practical for everyone. It provides comfort while we are seated and prevents the chair surface from rotting. Thus, it is useful and good for health. We will feel more leisure and save a lot of money from maintenance fees. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite one today!

Disclosure: This list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions to suggest helpful recommendations for the public. The sequence of brands is in no particular order so if you have any other great suggestions too, please email us For more information, kindly refer to our copyright, privacy & disclosure policy.

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