Top 9 Best Crypto Trading Bots in Malaysia 2023

Cryptocurrency has taken over the world by storm and there is a good reason too. If you do not already know what cryptocurrency is, cryptocurrency or crypto is a digital currency that is tightly secured by cryptography. It is created to be a medium of exchange through a non-reliant or non-central authority computer network such as a bank. 

A blockchain is a distributed public ledger that runs the cryptocurrencies so it can update any transactions by the currency holders. Most people will buy and trade their crypto using a broker but some people prefer to use a crypto trading bot. A crypto trading bot is a type of automated software that will assist you in selling and buying cryptocurrencies at a precise time. Here are the top 9 crypto trading bots that are available in Malaysia. 

Is crypto real money?

Cryptos are digital assets that people use for online purchases and investments instead of using money. Cryptocurrencies work by exchanging the real currency of money to buy “tokens” or “coins”, depending on the type of cryptocurrency you are dealing with.

Are trading bots good for crypto?

A crypto trading bot will be able to help you get profits provided you are able to configure them properly. Crypto trading bots need to be tested out first before using them in real trading. It is also important to learn how they work.

9 Best Crypto Trading Bots in Malaysia 2023

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1. BcBot

Image credit: BcBot
Image credit: BcBot

BcBot is an international cryptocurrency trading company that was first launched in 2015. This crypto trading bot is able to provide market intelligence data analysis, personalise the trading experience, deliver prompt trading signals, utilise martingale strategy and enable bcbot mode. BcBot has a group of financial traders and analysts that are highly experienced in the cryptocurrency market as they have more than10 years of expertise.


2. Pionex

Image credit: Pionex

Pionex is a crypto trading bot that can be used by both advanced traders and beginners of crypto. Pionex has 16 free in-built trading bots that you can use and it has a Spot-Futures Arbitrage bot that helps you earn 15-50% APR with low risk. Pionex also has a grid trading bot that will help you buy low and sell high in the price range while a leveraged grid bot provides up to 5x leverage.



Image credit: MUSKBOT

MUSKBOT chains together with many of the market’s crypto exchange platforms which includes Binance, OKX and Huobi. It guarantees high rewards and has a relatively low risk so you will be ready to make a profit on your first day of trading. MUSKBOT uses an API connection to communicate across some of the world’s best cryptocurrency exchange platforms. MUSKBOT is able to generate sell and buy orders within milliseconds, faster than a human-operated trade which is about 3 seconds. 


4. TradeSanta

Image credit: TradeSanta

TradeSanta has crypto trading bots that run with customisable or pre-selected strategies that are suitable for short and long trading. TradeSanta allows you to utilise multiple indicators, that includes Bollinger Bands, RSI and MACD. You can run automated crypto trading bots on multiple crypto exchange platforms such as Binance, Huobi, coinbase and more. Also, you can choose to duplicate top performing crypto trading bots and their strategies or you can start creating from scratch, depending on your personal preference. 


5. 3Commas

Image credit: 3Commas

3Commas enables users to trade and build automated trading bots on many of the significant crypto exchange platforms. 3Commas has a Smart Trade trading panel that uses risk management tools in order to allow users to sell and buy multiple pairs of digital currencies. You can set the trading bots to different order types such as market, take profit, limit, trailing and stop loss. Copy trading and portfolio analysis is also included when you use 3Commas.


6. BitUniverse

Image credit: BitUniverse

BitUniverse is a smart crypto trading bot that works 24/7 which makes it alert on every trade that occurs. The trading bot follows algorithms that support intelligent tracking, grid trading, stopping loss strategies and profit strategies. BitUniverse is easy to use, especially for beginners who are new to trading or do not have a vast knowledge on trading strategies as it helps users to conduct trading over 6000+ cryptos such as DogeCoin, ETH and BitCoin.


7. Cryptohopper

Image credit: Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper contains a resourceful and A.I. powered crypto trading bot that will help you to automate your trading and save your time so you do not need to be constantly using your device or miss any trading opportunities. Cryptohopper enables you to follow other traders so that you can use the best strategies in your own trading. It also has trailing features that help you to observe the price movement while enabling you to sell or buy automatically when the price heads to another direction. 


8. Laxya

Image credit: Laxya

Laxya allows their users to trade wisely by performing trades in a quick and smart manner. Laxya uses a grid bot that supports the setting of buy and sell orders at preset price ranges so that you can make a profit from the ups and downs of the market’s fluctuation. Laxya also has charting and portfolio analysis that will help users to explore other charting futures and view the buy and sell history and status. 


9. Tafabot

Image credit: Tafabot

Tafabot utilises an automated cryptocurrency futures trading robot that will aid traders in earning passive income without removing any capital from your wallet.  The features are uniquely designed to connect to your account and then proceed to automatically trade for you, while earning a profit. Tafabot also has features such as risk management, 24/7 performance and daily profit.


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