Warung Mee Ayam Pangsit Putatan, Sabah’s Hidden Gem

If you’ve never heard of Mee Ayam Pangsit before, let us explain it. This recipe is from Indonesia, while ‘Pangsit’ is defined as Mee Wantan. The original recipe uses mee wantan, but for this Mee Ayam Pangsit, they are freshly made by the owner. So, now you know where to get the original Mee Pangsit in Sabah.

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Warung Mee Ayam Pangsit Putatan has been run by a lovely couple, Zulfa Masaya and Ismun bin Dharik, since 2016. His husband is from Jawa Tengah, Indonesia and is also their restaurant’s main chef. So, this is why the recipe is mainly from Indonesia. Previously,  they also had several other branches of Mee Ayam Pangsit, but due to MCO, the stalls needed to be closed down for the underwhelming customers. 

Now, Warung Mee Ayam Pangsit Putatan is the only standing stall that has been doing well until today. Besides, the owners said they did not hire workers except their children, who are now helping them run this business. Since this food delivery service was introduced, they have been using it, especially during the MCO, to keep the business going, such as Foodpanda and GrabFood.

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This stall is unique because it is handmade using the couple’s recipes, which will be rolled and shaped at the location to preserve the freshness and shape. It only took a few mins for them to make the tray full with mee. They usually produce one roll of mee as one meal. Therefore, one tray can fit as many as 12 rolls.

You will not find the same mee pangsit at any other stalls that sell the same dish because they have their handmade mee pangsit that can’t be copied from anyone! 

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The combination of Mee Ayam Pangsit and sauce makes the food even tastier! Especially the chilli sauces, its spiciness gives an extra kick to every spoonful, making it perfect for spicy food lovers! 

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Other than Mee Pangsit, you can also find other indonesian food from this stall such as Nasi Goreng Jawa Special, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Gado-Gado, and Nasi Ayam Sambalado. 

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This stall also has a special drink you must try called Ice Blended Pop Ice. Its unique taste is hard to find in Malaysia as the instant mix drinks are originally from Indonesia. 

We ordered Ice Blended Pop Ice Avocado, but there are a few other flavours you can choose from, like Taro and Cappuccino. The taste of this Pop Ice is perfect when you eat with Mee Pangsit, and the environment will make you feel like you are in Indonesia.

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If you have never been to this stall before, Ms Zulfa Masaya and Mr Ismun urge you to try the Mee Ayam Pangsit as it is the special and the most well-ordered menu, especially among first-timers. 

Warung Mee Ayam Pangsit Putatan will only serve 15 to 20 bowls per day. Let’s show our companionship by supporting the locals! Share this article to let your family and friends know about this humble stall! 

Here are the dishes that we recommend for you to try while visiting the stall:

  1. Mee Pangsit
  2. Nasi Goreng Jawa Special
  3. Ayam Penyet
  4. Ayam Sambalado
  5. Pop Ice Blended 

Check out the things you need to know about Warung Mee Ayam Pangsit Putatan:

Address: Medan Selera Putatan, Next to Bataras Hypermarket Putatan Railway, Jalan Taipakkung Putatan, 89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Operating Hours: 3:00 pm – 12:00 am (Daily)

Google Map: Navigate Here

Google Review: Here

Contact Number: 019 – 573 3229 (Zulfa) 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Warung-Mee-Pangsit-Putatan-103299912417777/ 

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