10 Best Kitchen Hacks that You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

When I gathered all these hacks, I had to sit back and take it all in because “Why didn’t I think of this when I was having a hard time in the kitchen?” Well, guess what? Today’s your LUCKY day ‘cause I’m about to save your time and life with these 10 best kitchen hacks you should definitely try!

1. No More Slipping Bowls

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You know the struggle of trying to mix something in a bowl but it just moves slightly and slips, and now you have a messy kitchen counter. All you need is to put a damp towel under your bowl and mix away your ingredients. Now, you don’t have to worry whether your kitchen is going to be a mess like it always does at the end of the day!

2. Get Golden Brown Air Fryer Food

Get Golden Brown Air Fryer Food

Let’s be real here, Air Fryer is definitely our best friend in the kitchen. It’s simple and cooks your food quickly but sometimes it doesn’t serve the way we used to cook on the stove. It doesn’t bring the ‘Golden Brown’ factor to our food. Here’s a way to solve that! Apply a little bit of cooking spray to your food before putting them into the air fryer basket. The light coating of oil is what you need to achieve that ‘Golden Brown’ factor. 

3. Keep Leftover Cookies Soft

Keep Leftover Cookies Soft

For this to work, your leftover cookies or any other baked goods need to be put in an airtight container along with a slice of white bread. This will contain its softness. But how does it work? Well, the leftover baked goods will absorb the moisture of the bread, thus helping them to remain nice and soft.

4. Get More Lemon Juice

Get More Lemon Juice

This trick to get more lemon juice for whatever you need it for will definitely come in handy. Start with microwaving a lemon for about 7-10 seconds. After it’s done, take out the lemon and proceed to roll it back and forth beneath your palm on the counter. This way, you get more lemon juice! This method works with limes, too! P/s: We also have tips on how to use lemon for a sparkly kitchen! You can use the lemon juice for this recipe too!

5. Give bananas a longer life

Give bananas a longer life

We’re all a little unsatisfied when we go down to the kitchen to grab a banana and it turns out moldy. Day ruined. How about we try out this trick to give bananas a longer life span. Get a plastic wrap and wrap the end of the banana to keep it fresh. This method helps to prevent the ethylene gases from being released out of the stem which would be the reason why the fruit ripens too fast. 

P/s: Here are some desserts you can make with bananas~

6. Separate yolks from whites

Separate yolks from whites
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Currently slapping myself in the forehead because why haven’t I used this trick before? Stop spending too much time (or hours, hopefully not) trying to separate the yolks from the whites when you crack eggs. Here’s the best trick:

Crack an egg into a bowl, then grab an empty water bottle and squeeze it slightly before placing directly above the yolk. When you release the pressure, the yolk will be sucked inside and voila! The yolk is now separated from the whites! Isn’t that egg-cellent?

7. Make Herbs Last Longer

Make Herbs Last Longer
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It’s a little disappointing to see our lovely herbs wilt so quickly. Let’s keep our herbs fresh a bit longer with this tip! Trim the stems of the herbs and place them in a small glass or jar of water. Proceed to place a plastic bag over the top and secure it by tying the plastic into a knot or with a rubber band. Don’t throw away the plastic that you’ve bagged for the vegetables/herbs, it can be reused for this hack. Then, you can either store it in the fridge or on the counter for two weeks!

8. Save Your Salty Soup

Save Your Salty Soup

Do you ever just end up with a mistake of oversalting a soup and now you’re torn whether to throw it away or just continue to devour the soup? Well, the next time you accidentally make a soup so salty, toss in a few wedges of potato or apple into the pot. Let it simmer for 10 minutes and proceed to take out the wedges from the pot so you can achieve the normal soup flavor. Not only does ‘an apple a day keep the doctor away’, but an apple definitely will save your taste buds!

9. Keep pots from boiling over

Keep pots from boiling over

Ever heard of this trick? We posted this on our Facebook page and it definitely helped us! You ever have to do something while cooking and you’re worried you get too busy and the pot might boil over? Fret not! You can prevent that by placing a wooden spoon across the top of the pot! It’s like magic, honestly. Check out our Facebook page for more of our hacks and recipes!

10. Check if eggs are still edible to cook

Check if eggs are still edible to cook

This hack definitely helped me out a lot when I’m unsure of the condition of the eggs that have been sitting on my kitchen counter. We aren’t able to smell if our eggs had gone bad and we definitely don’t want to mix a bad egg into the bowl of our good egg. What you can do is to grab a glass or a bowl with cold water and place your egg in it. To find out is to check whether your eggs float or sink to the bottom. If it sinks, it’s still all right. However, if it floats, you might have to say goodbye to it.

I’m forever going to stick with these hacks to not have a hard time in the kitchen anymore. Check our other lifestyle hacks for your own good, you’ll be grateful once you find out about them. Life-changing, I tell you. 

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