10 Easy Father’s Day Lunch Recipes (No.8 Is Going To Be Loved)

Not sure what to make for Father’s Day? We got you.

1. Best-Ever Lamb Burger

Best Ever Lamb Burger 1
Image Credit: delish.

SO JUICCYYY. This is perfect if your dad loves burgers! Just add the ingredients and assemble! Simple as that!

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2. Healthy Vegetarian Biryani

Healthy Vegetarian Biryani 1
Image Credit: asianfoodnetwork

If your dad loves rice and is vegetarian, try this! It’s a popular dish amongst Indians and Muslims. It is packed with savory and sweet flavors coupled with crunchy texture from the peanuts and raisins.

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3. Comforting Taro Rice (Yam Rice)

Comforting Taro Rice Yam Rice
Image Credit: asianfoodnetwork

A hearty and comforting meal for your dad. Try this if he loves an Asian Style dish.

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4. Tasty Chicken Curry Steak with Rojak Sauce

Tasty Chicken Curry Steak with Rojak Sauce 1
Image Credit: asianfoodnetwork

Almost every Malaysian loves rojak! This recipe allows you to enjoy chicken steak with rojak sauce! INTERESTING TWIST!

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5. Quick Air Fryer Pork Chops

Quick Air Fryer Pork Chops
Image Credit: delish

Just got an air fryer? Take it for a spin with this tasty meal!

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6. Flavorful Beef Curry

Flavorful Beef Curry 1
Image Credit: bbcgoodfood

Yummmm. Thick beef curry over rice. HEAVENLY!

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7. Herbed Balsamic Chicken

Herbed Balsamic Chicken 1
Image Credit: tasteofhome

Uhhhh this one has a really nice savoury and sour sauce to be enjoyed with the chicken!

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8. Spicy Coconut Milk Clams

Spicy Coconut Milk Clams 1
Image Credit: nutmegnanny.

Dad is a seafood lover? This bowl of clams will SATISFY! The spicy coconut milk amps the flavor!

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9. Juicy Asian Oven Pulled Pork

Juicy Asian Oven Pulled Pork 1
Image Credit: whiteonricecouple

Enjoy this Asian Pulled Pork as a family! It’s one of those hearty type of meals.

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10. Oishii Teriyaki Salmon

Oishii Teriyaki Salmon 1
Image Credit: bloglovin

If your dad is into Japanese food, Teriyaki Salmon could be a great choice!

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There you go! Try making these for him at home. A simple and great way to show him you care!

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