9 Fun Pancake Combo Topping Ideas! (The last one is definitely a wonderful surprise!)

Almost all of us can appreciate pancakes. They are fluffy, soft and go well with many different things!


But you really enjoy it when you pick the right combo of toppings for your pancake. So we have compiled a list of fun and tasty pancake topping ideas for you to enjoy!

1. Cute Marshmallow + Sprinkles

Cute Marshmallow Sprinkles
Image credit: beeyondcerea

This one will be loved by kids and the child within you! Simply place mini marshmallows and sprinkles on the top of the pancake. You could also add some cream and chocolate shavings to give it a well rounded flavor. The cream will tie up everything together like a ribbon on a gift box so it’s definitely recommended LOL.

2. Sexy Chocolate Syrup + Chocolate Chips

Sexy Chocolate Syrup Chocolate Chips
Image credit: bakerella

Almost no one ever said no to more chocolate right? In this topping idea, we combine both chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. OOF. It’s just too goooood. Plus, even the pancake is chocolate flavored! So that’s what, TRIPLE CHOCOLATE? HELL YEAAHH.

3. Berrylicious Fruits + Whipped Cream

Berrylicious Fruits Whipped Cream Pancake
Image credit: ciaochowbambina

Oh mama mia. You can never go wrong with fruits and whipped cream. You can choose berries, kiwi, bananas or just any fruit that is going to make you smile hahaha. If you want to be a little extra, drizzle some honey or maple syrup over it too! Cause why not right?

Gif credit: tenor

4. Yummy Icing Sugar + Chocolate Chips!

Yummy Icing Sugar Chocolate Chips Pancake
Image credit: thisgalcooks

I’ve never seen a more delicate looking combo. Mini chocolate chips with icing sugar. Ah… this one is going to make you go ‘ummph’ with every bite. Don’t trust me? Try it now. HAHAHA.

Gif credit: giphy

5. Banana Oh Nana~ + Nutty Nutella

Banana Oh Nana Nutty Nutella Pancake
Image credit: insearchofyummyness

Nutella flavored pancakes topped with more Nutella and bananas? OH YES PLEASE. You could also sprinkle almond shavings or crushed nuts if you like a little more texture. Eat this with a glass of milk and I tell you, your day is going to get much brighter.

6. Sweet Ol’ Jam + Berries

Sweet Ol Jam Berries Pancake
Image credit: errenskitchen

This gives me that cottage vibes you know. Berries and jam. Simply splendid. You can choose any combo of berries you like, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, anything! Place them over a generous amount of warm jam. It’s heavenly!

7. The All-Time Favourite – Honey + Butter

The All Time Favourite Honey Butter Pancake
Image credit: curlygirlkitchen

Ah yes, the classic. You can never go wrong with the butter and honey drizzle combo. Make sure the butter is warm. As you see it melt over the pancake, it will be so satisfying! This is wholesomeness on a plate.

Gif credit: i.pinimg.

8. Cheese + Chives

Cheese Chives Pancake
Image credit: babaganosh

Who said pancakes only gotta be sweet? There’s also savoury ingredients you can add to it and enjoy! This is with cheese and chopped chives. The pancakes are also made with chopped chives in them! Very interesting flavor indeed!

9. Bacon + Honey

Bacon Honey Pancake
Image credit: lilluna

Another combo for the savoury food lovers. Bacon and sweet honey. Wow. This is just such a hearty breakfast meal. I’m pretty sure it will be popular with kids and dads hahaha. I mean just imagine, crispy bacon coupled with the honey and soft pancakes in a bite – perfection!

And there you have it! 7 best combos of toppings to go on your pancakes. Make this for yourself or a loved one and I bet it’s going to be a mood booster!

Gif credit: tumblr
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