9 Ways To Transform Frozen Prata To Tasty Snacks (We loved No.7!)

Most of you, have just been eating those frozen pastas with curry or sugar all these while, right?

Well there are actually MORE TASTY WAYS to enjoy it rather than just with curry or sugar. These TikTok users show us cool new recipes to savor by using frozen pratas that are also pretty EASY to make! From something sweet like blueberry pie parathas, to savoury chicken curry puff parathas – these are actually amazing! 

So next time you decide to cook frozen pratas, you may want to try these recipes. 

  1. Thai-style banana pancake prata

Reply to @ccantikgwen Since y’all love the banana rolls, here’s another frozen Prata idea!! #easyrecipe

♬ Rebel Challenge – King.Joerien

So if you’re feeling nostalgic about your Thailand trips, you could give this recipe a try! Banana pancake rotis are one of the most common Thai street foods. 

Fill the prata with bananas and wrap it up nicely. Then after frying it, cut it into bite-sized pieces. To give it that extra sweet flavor, drizzle some chocolate syrup or chocolate ganache over it. Every bite will make you go UHHMMM.

  1. Curry puff prata

Do not throw out your leftover chicken curry! You’re about to get a huge snack!

Take those delicious pieces of chicken and potatoes with some of the curry and pour it over the prata. Wrap it up like a curry puff and pop it into the air fryer. In about 20 minutes, you’ll be getting a huge curry puff to chow down! 

  1. Pot pie prata

Slurp! What could be a better combo than some crispy prata with warm soup or chowder.

Prepare the chowder (you could make a prawn chowder like in the video or just plain old mushroom soup, because basically any soup would go great with this!) and pour it into a bowl. Place the prata over it then smear some egg wash. Pop it into the oven and voila!

  1. Truffle pizza prata

Sippin on this truffle Prata pizza! So good, no cap.

♬ Leave The Door Open – Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

I mean who doesn’t love pizzas.

Get your prata, add the tomato sauce, truffle oil and mushrooms (you can customize the toppings as desired) then bake and enjoy it! Try making this during your next Netflix and Chill Watch Party.

  1. Nutella puff prata

Nutella and prata! Who would have thought right?!

Add your Nutella to the prata, then brush egg wash on the sides to help seal it up nicely. Brush more egg wash over it then pop it into the oven. It’s time to enjoy these puffs with a warm cup of coffee. Ahh~~

  1. Egg tarts

I honestly wish I knew this recipe earlier! I could have been enjoying egg tarts more often if I knew they were these easy! 

Place your prata in the muffin tray then pour the egg mixture into it. Bake it and enjoy! SUPER SIMPLE RIGHT!

  1. Blueberry pie prata

My cute little Prata Blueberry Pie 🥧 #easyrecipe

♬ nasty x body party – wifey

Omg these are cuteeee! 

Cut out the prata and bake the bottom part. Add in your fillings and decorate with thinly sliced prata. Bake it again and you’ll get a super sweet treat for you to enjoy! Something this cute can be so easy?! YAY!

  1. You tiao prata

These crispy snacks would go great with some soy milk. YUMMM!

Cut the prata into slices, then use a satay stick to make a slight dent in the middle. Bake it then cut it into bite sized pieces.

  1. Apple pie prata

We call this the lazy yet tasty apple pie hahaha.

You don’t have to slice the apple, just place it over a prata (of course make sure to remove the middle part of the apple that contains the seeds), smear the cinnamon mixture then wrap and bake it! And you could just use an air fryer for this recipe!

Ta-da! Now you know 9 new ways to transform and enjoy your frozen prata. Hope these recipes will make your lockdown a little more interesting hahaha!

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