Buttercup Is An Ideal Choice For Your Family

This is why BUTTERCUP is a GREAT CHOICE for your family! HEALTHY: Zero cholesterol and trans-fat free VARIOUS FORMS & SIZES: Eases your baking or cooking experience strong BUTTERY AROMA: Due to higher milk fat and milk solids vs pure vegetable fat content ratio as compared to the typical, pure 100% vegetable fat spreads SMOOTH TEXTURE: Perfect for baking! CREAMY HIGH-QUALITY TASTE: Perfect combination of high-quality vegetable oil and premium milk fat A trusted choice for decades, it is truly a wonderful baking ingredient at an affordable price. Choose Buttercup Malaysia

Healthier Choice

Buttercup is a healthier choice for daily usage at home as it contains zero cholesterol and trans-fat free, which means it’s healthy for the heart!

Wide Range of Variety

Available in chilled and ambient forms and sizes ranging from 250g to 4.8kg, Buttercup will ease your baking and cooking experience and produce a high-quality menu, dishes, and baked goodies for your beloved family.

Creamier In Taste

Buttercup is creamier in taste and has a buttery aroma due to higher milk fat and milk solids mixed with a premium pure vegetable fat content as compared to typical pure 100% vegetable fat spread or margarine.

Distinct Buttery Aroma

Buttercup’s distinct buttery aroma, high-quality taste, and smooth texture make it a wonderful baking ingredient at an affordable price. It’s perfect for producing tasty dishes for your loved ones.

Finest Taste Enjoyed For Generations

Buttercup delivers the finest taste as it is a perfect combination of premium milk fat and high-quality vegetable oil. It has been savored for decades and is a trusted choice for many generations.

Try making it now to sweeten up your day!

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