Day 22: Know your tarts and pie

Tarts and pie, what are the differences between these two beauties? Basically both of them have the same composition but tarts or in French known as tartlets, usually come in small sizes and pies come in big sizes. Next, if you notice, tarts are not covered with another layer of pastry, unlike pies where we need to cover the fillings with another layer of pastry. 

In other words, tarts are uncovered and pies are covered. Some of the tarts will go through only a one time baking process. On the other hand, if the fillings of the tart need to be baked, the blind baking method will be applied. 

Hold on! What is blind baking? Do I have to put on a blindfold? 

Blind baking is when you put weight on top of your pie crust in order to avoid your crust from turning into a huge mountain. Thus, in order to avoid that you need to put some weight on top of your crust. It is recommended to use ingredients like legumes or dried beans. We like to use dried boba to weigh it down. Yes, boba is becoming more common everywhere!

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This will make your crust look more beautiful and flat. Remember that you only need to perform the blind baking for half the duration of the actual baking time. After that, remove the weight and continue baking until the desired colour is achieved.

Now that you already know about making a pie or tart crust, it is time to learn about the various types of crusts that you can try to bake! There are few pie crust recipes that you should know and all of them contribute to different texture, taste as well as aroma:

  1. Sugar crust 
  2. Pie Dough
  3. Enriched pie pastry
  4. Graham cracker crust
  5. Short crust
  6. Sablee Crust 
  7. Brisee crust

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