Buttery and Pretty | Types of Semperit and Recipes

Raya is coming soon! Wohooo! And that means there’s going to be lots of delicious kuih raya for us to enjoy, DOUBLE WOOHOOO! Hahaha.

One of my favourite kuih raya is none other than Semperit. It has the softest, buttery, crumbly texture. It melts right in your mouth! 


There are many variations of semperit that you can see, especially nowadays. So how about we check about some of it ey?

1. Classic Semperit

Classic Semperit

The classic semperit has a creamish color and is shaped like a dahlia flower. It has a cute little sliced red cherry on top.

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2. Semperit Pandan

Semperit Pandan

As the name suggests, this is made with pandan essence or flavoring. Green food coloring is also added to give it a more bright green color. It is shaped like an infinity symbol and has a star at the bottom. You can leave it as it is or top it off with sprinkles (I’d definitely add sprinkles, cause it always makes things better! hahaha!) 

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3. Semperit Coklat (Chocolate)

Semperit Coklat Chocolate

Chocolate lovers this is for you. 

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4. Semperit Ribena Blackcurrant Cordial 

Semperit Ribena Blackcurrant Cordial

Ok wow, this is interesting! Ribena?! And this has little metal pearls on top. 

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5. Colorful Semperit Flowers

Colorful Semperit Flowers

Yeap you can even make them look like pretty flowers!

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6. Unicorn Semperit / Pastel Rainbow Semperit

Semperit 2

This one has a chocolate chip on top. With a mixture of pastel colors.

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7. Rectangular Semperit

Rectangular Semperit

This semperit does not have the usual flower shape, and is instead rectangular shaped with colorful sprinkles. 

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8. Rectangular Chocolate Semperit

Rectangular Chocolate Semperit

Yes another for the chocolate lovers! Rectangular chocolate semperit with colorful sprinkles. 

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9. Red Velvet Semperit

Red Velvet Semperit

Red velvet and white chocolate chips. You can’t go wrong with this one 

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10. Semperit Susu Cheese

Semperit Susu Cheese

The milk cheese semperit is a must try! It’s incredibly soft and with the hint of cheese, it just makes it more flavorful. Plus there’s a cute choco chip on top! 

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So which one will you try making this time for Raya? 

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