Difference between Salted and Unsalted butter

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When it comes to baking, do you truly know the difference between Salted and Unsalted butter? Other than the word ‘Salt’ there are actually many other differences and usages between the two! Watch this mini battle to see which is more suitable for your recipes! 

Which Butter Is More Preferable When Used In Baking?


Who Is The winner?

Unsalted Butter Win

  • Using unsalted butter gives you more control on the amount of salt in your recipes!

Why Salted Butter Lose

  • Salted butter is less preferable since it has a fixed amount of salt in it already.

Which Butter Has Higher Moisture Content?


Who Is The Winner?

Unsalted Butter Win

  • Unsalted butter does not have salt in it which results in a higher moisture content.

Why Salted Butter Lose

  • The presence of salt extracts moisture from the butter, making it more dry.

Which Butter Can Prevent Odor Absorption?


Who Is The Winner?

Salted Butter Win

  • The salt inside the butter acts as an agent to prevent odor absorption.

Why Unsalted Butter Lose?

  • Unsalted butter absorbs much more odor, so it starts to smell bad faster than salted butter.

Which Butter Is More Suitable For making Buttercream?


Who Is The Winner?

Answer: Salted Butter Win

  • Making buttercream with salted butter will result is a more stable buttercream.

Why Unsalted Butter Lose?

  • It is not recommended to use unsalted butter to make any type of buttercream.

Which Butter Is Softer And Has A Sweeter Taste?


Who Is The Winner?

Answer: Unsalted Butter Win

  • Unsalted butter is softer and sweeter than Salted butter, it can be dented by just using your thrumb.

Why Salted Butter Lose?

  • Instead of sweet, salted butter has a more creamy flavour, and is slighty harder than unsalted butter.

Which Butter Is Perfect For Making Croissants And Garlic Spread?


Who Is The Winner?

Answer: Salted Butter Win

  • Because of its low moisture content, salted butter is perfect for making croissants and garlic spread.

Why Unsalted Butter Lose?

  • Unsalted butter has a higher moisture content so it is not suitable.

Which Butter Is Non-perishable?


Who Is The Winner?

Answer: Salted Butter Win

  • The salt in salted butter adds extra protection against bacterial growth.

Why Unsalted Butter Lose?

  • The high water content in unsalted butter encourages bacterial growth.



Salted Butter Is Used To Make:

  • Artisan enriched dough bread, Pie crust, Croissant and Buttercream.

Unsalted Butter Is Used To Make:

  • Butter cookies, Cake or any gentle method dessert.

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