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Covid-19 is definitely getting worrisome as we venture into 2021, obviously no one has expected for this to get worse especially with new variants popping out of nowhere. If you’re suddenly needed to quarantine at home, please consider these items to help you out. These are some health equipment that assists in monitoring your health level.

1. Thermometer

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It’s used to measure the temperature of the body. 37.5ºC or above is considered fever. Temperature 39.4ºC is considered as high fever.

2. Alat Tekanan Darah

Alat Tekanan Darah
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It helps to measure your blood pressure and pulse.

Normal blood pressure:

  • Sistolik: 120 (range 90-139) mmHg
  • Diastolik: 80 (range 60-89)

(Sistolik under <90 or diastolik <60  counts as low blood pressure and dangerous)

Normal pulse is 60-100 heart beats per minute.

3. Oximeter

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Your finger’s position plays a big role in your oxygen level reading. Fix the position or try the oximeter on other fingers to make sure that the reading doesn’t run.

Oxygen levels:

95 and above: Keep quarantine at home.
93-94: Get doctor’s advice.
92 or below: Emergency. Get doctor’s advice quickly – Call 999.

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Sit with your thighs and knee at a 90º degrees angle with SPO2 attached on your finger. Start the stopwatch till 60 seconds.

After that, stand up straight and sit down again. Repeat for a minute with the SPO2 attached on your finger.

Dangerous Sign of Oxygen: The Oximeter shows 3% decrease and you have trouble breathing. 

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Ask for help when it comes to measuring your breathing. Use a stopwatch to count in 60 seconds.

Medium level – Oximeter shows 93-94% and the breathing is 21-30 per minute.

Dangerous level – Oximeter shows less than 93 and breathing is more than 30 per minute.

These are guides provided by the Public Health Malaysia to ensure that your quarantine at home is effective and you’re not experiencing any troubling signs. Having these health equipment will surely assist you in monitoring your health. It’s always best to stay inside to reduce the spread and the rising cases of Covid-19, only leave for essentials. Stock up on your masks and hand sanitizers. These days, the virus shows no symptoms so better be safe than sorry. Take care and get vaccinated folks!

Source: Public Health Malaysia

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