Eating Chicken Skin Can Be Dangerous

WARNING: Read this before buying that tasty looking snack! Even KKM issued a warning on this, stay informed peeps!

1.Cholesterol, Calories, Fat

Hight fat
  1. High Cholesterol (Every 100g = 180mg)
  2. High Calories (Every 100g = 435kcal)
  3. High in Fat (Every 100g = 11.80g)

2.The Risks

the risk
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart related diseases

3.Bahaya Kulit Ayam

kulit ayam
  • Lemak tepu: 11.80g bagi setiap 100g
  • 435 kcal bagi setiap 100g
  • Kolestrol: 180mg bagi setiap 100g
  • Darah tinggi
  • Kenaikan berat badan
  • Penyakit jantung

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