How To Melt Chocolate The Right Way

When melting chocolate, does it go from smooth and satiny to a grainy clump and muddy chocolate in no time at all? If you’re wondering what caused it, the answer is that overheating chocolate is one of the reasons for your clumpy muddy chocolate. Here’s a tip on how to melt your chocolate as well as teaching you how to prevent it from happening in the future.

There are 2 ways to melt chocolate which are bain-marie method or microwave method.

Using Microwave Method :

  • Always ensure your chocolates are in small bits for an easy melting process.
  • Constantly remove every 15-20 seconds and give it a stir to prevent chocolates from burning.
  • Avoid moisture in the chocolate as it can seize the chocolate.
  • When almost 70% of it has melted, try to avoid heating it up again. Just gently stir it as much as you can. As you stir, the heat will transfer to the chocolate lumps and it will melt as you keep stirring it.

Using Bain-marie Method:

  • Boil a pot of water, place the chocolate bowl over it. Prevent it from touching the boiling water. The Bain-marie method uses the steam heat instead of direct heat.
  • Avoid moisture from entering your melted chocolate as it can cause chocolate to seize up.
  • Make sure utensils used to stir chocolate are free from moisture.
  • Stir chocolate every so often until it is nice and smooth and melted.
  • Upon removing the chocolate bowl, always remember to wipe the bottom or underside of the boil as you do not want it to enter into your chocolate.

What If Chocolates Are Overheated?

  • Overheated chocolate becomes dull, muddy, thick/clumpy. 
  • You can restore your thick muddy chocolate by adding more solid chocolates in and stir it to bring down the temperature.
  • Another option is using an immersion blender.

Once you have got the technique to melt baking chocolate into a smooth, silky sanity chocolate you can now use it in your dessert or in your baking. Say no more to the dustbin and this actually saves your day!

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