Small Bedroom? Here Are Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Spacious

Often struggle living in a small bedroom and you badly want to achieve those aesthetic rooms you see on Pinterest? Yep, I’ve definitely been there and done that. If you’re looking to revamp your safe-haven, here’s some tips to learn from by user Ezza Zaidi on Twitter.

1. Use soft and pastel colours

Starting with the colours in your room, it will definitely have a huge impact on the way you and others view your room, but most importantly you as you’re the one occupying it. Pick soft colours that’s not going to strain your eyes or make your room dark. You don’t want some gloomy experience in your own bedroom, right? This user recommends colours such as light grey, baby pink or the most common colour, white! I’d prefer the white paint on the walls as it fits everything. These types of colours help to make your room seem spacious even if it’s small.

Use soft and pastel colours
Use soft and pastel colours

2. Furniture

Don’t opt for a room that has too much furniture, instead purchase those that’s multifunctional. You know those beds that are included with drawers under the bed where you can store various things like clothes and miscellaneous things that can save your space. A loft bed with stairs and storage underneath is perfect for a room with a high ceiling as shown in the picture below.


See how many things you can fit under there? A desk would definitely be one of the things you can place under that. Not only it saves space but makes your room look quite minimalistic!

3. Mirrors

Be honest, you’re gonna need this. Even though you think you don’t, you do. Especially, when you’re one to try clothes when you’re bored or like to plan out outfits for your next outings with friends. A huge, stand mirror would solve all of your problems. The mirror and the reflection manage to make your small room look spacious!


4. Lighting

Lastly, small rooms might make your environment look dark and gloomy, and for our favorite safe-haven, we definitely don’t want that. It’s time to try out those pretty fairy lights you see on Pinterest. It’s little but it makes your room look lively! This is coming from a person who owns one, of course. I like to light them up when I feel like it. Besides hanging them, you can decorate by attaching your favorite pictures of your friends and family on it. Hang it over your bed or your mirror, you’re going to love them! Other than fairy lights, try investing in lamps that’s small and hang from the ceiling. For me, I only use a lamp for the light in my room. As long as your light is able to light up your entire room, it’s perfect.


Here are some photos you can use for references!

Here Are Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Spacious
Here Are Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Spacious
Here Are Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Spacious

One thing that I would advise is that you don’t have too much clothes or furniture in your room. If you have clothes that you don’t need, donate them! Having too much clothes can affect the space of your room (coming from experience). Declutter and throw away things you don’t think will be useful for you in the future. Hoarding them doesn’t really bring anything except a room that’s cramped. This is a sign for you to start now because when else are you going to do it, right?

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