So helpful! Tips To Store Your Bread Longer

Sometimes we can be so busy that we forget that we have a whole loaf of bread sitting on our kitchen table. It’s sad to see it go to waste right. So storing it well will at least make sure it lasts longer since if you are not eating it too often. 

These tips are good even if you do eat it often, and just want the bread you made or bought to stay fresh and fluffy hehe.

1. Freeze your bread

This is helpful for the scenario where you still have a lot of bread left but it’s also going to go bad soon. So to ensure it does not go moldy too fast, you pop it in the fridge. 

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You can put the whole loaf directly or separate them by individually wrapping the slices in parchment or wax paper.You can put it in the fridge or in the freezer. If you do put it in the freezer, then you can defrost it with a microwave. If you didn’t directly freeze a loaf, and freezed it in slices, then you can pop the slice in the toaster for a toast right away!

2. Go for paper not plastic

You may think plastic might be better, but storing it in paper is way more effective to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold.

Image Credit: almostzerowaste

Also ditching the plastic would be good for the environment, which is good for you at the end! You see it’s a win-win hehe!

3. Put it in a box – a bread box

Bread boxes come in many designs which also adds aesthetic to your home. So it would be good to invest in one and keep your bread in it.

Image Credit: chefspencil
Image Credit: housefulofhandmade

This one is even transparent! So pleasing to look at!

4. Away from the heat and moisture

Never store your bread near the refrigerator, dish washer, microwave or other sources of heat and moisture. You should store it in a cool, dry area.

Image Credit: thespruceeats

If you have any other great bread tips or any other tips at all, do share them with us! We would love to see and hear them! 

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