Sugar VS Icing Sugar

Caster sugar is refined sugar that has been ground for longer, resulting in a finer sugar powder.Why use caster sugarIt dissolves easily. The finer structure of the granules makes caster sugar easier to combine with other ingredients. Use it for:Best for light cakes, custard, mousse and makes for the fluffiest meringues.

Icing sugar is also refined white sugar, but this time it’s been ground for even longer than caster sugar until a fine powder is produced. Often cornstarch is added to this icing sugar, which ensures that the sugar does not clump. Why use icing sugar It dissolves in liquid almost instantly and makes for an extremely smooth texture. Use it for:Cake icing, buttercream icing and glacé icing.

White Sugar

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White sugar is also sometimes know as granulated sugar, or “regular” sugar. White sugar granules are fine and visible to the naked eye.

Icing Sugar

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Icing sugar also sometimes known as confectioners sugar or powdered sugar. Icing sugar has been finely ground and mixed with a small smount of cornstarch (3~10%) to prevent caking.

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