Super Easy Fried Ice Cream that You Should Make this Malaysia Day

We love all things fried, right? Like, we turn bananas into these fried snacks that we would have for teatime, fried prawns, fried squid and we can never forget the legendary… fried chicken.

And as a kid, we would eat ice cream whenever the ice cream man would ride by in his motorcycle and we would wait outside for them so we could call them out, or else we’d miss the opportunity for some cold, tasty ice cream on a hot day. Sigh, good childhood times. But this kind of ice cream doesn’t sell with the ice cream man, this one is usually sold at the night market or uptown where you get your late-night snack or dinner and just have a good time. Nowadays, it is a little hard to do that so I purpose we should make this super, easy fried ice cream or ‘ais krim goreng’ recipe (that you can literally make one in your sleep) especially on Malaysia day to have some cold snack to munch on with the fam!

Enough story, let’s get to it!

Super Easy Fried Ice Cream

Image credit: TV3


  • Bread slices
  • Your choice of ice cream


  • Grab some bread slices and scoop ice cream onto it (1-2 scoops would be enough! Or go crazy with it!).
  • Take another piece of bread and put it on top of the bread with ice cream. Grab a cup or anything round, and place it over the ice cream. Basically, its like cutting with a cutter.
  • Make as many as you like and keep them in the freezer for 4 hours or more (Perhaps doing it the night before and just fry it on the next day is a perfect idea too!)
  • Once the hours are up, take them out and fry them in hot oil until its golden brown and serve! (Make sure that the oil is extremely hot so the ice cream doesnt melt and its cooked quick)
  • This is optional but you can top them off with whatever you want. As for me, I used to add some Oreo crumbs on top for extra crunchiness.

Everyone will definitely love this snack idea. You can even gather your kids in the kitchen and make them with you, they’ll love the activity and the delicious ais krim goreng. Now, you’re settled for the Malaysian Day snack. Have fun!

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