The Knowledge You Need To Know About Egg

Whether you’re a newbie to cooking and baking, or you’re just an adult trying your best to navigate through life, the one staple ingredient you would need to always be present in the kitchen is eggs! Now, you may think that popping them in the fridge is the only way to deal with them, but there’s more to eggs than just chilling them in a cool fridge. So, here’s a list of useful knowledge for you to take note of when dealing with eggs! Check it out below and share it with your friends~

1. How To Store Eggs Correctly

How To Store Eggs Correctly

2. Test Egg Freshness, Rely on 2 Tricks

Test Egg Freshness Rely on Tricks

3. Thundreds Of Ways To Prepare Eggs

Thundreds Of Ways To Prepare Eggs

4. Protein & The Egg Yolk

Protein The Egg Yolk

5. Orange Yolk Is More Nutritious?

orange yolk is more nutritions

6. Are Red Eggs More Nutritious Than White Eggs

Are Red Eggs More Nutritious Than White Eggs

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