This Is How You Get Super Fluffy Omelets (You Will Wish You Knew This Sooner)

Seeing those fluffy omelets in pictures makes you want to try it. But then it doesn’t turn out as fluffy as it looks. Don’t worry. Let us help you with that. So there are actually two techniques to make fluffy omelets or as some people call it Souffle Omelettes. 

First technique:
Beat the egg white and egg yolks in one bowl then fry them.

Beat the egg white and egg yolks in one bowl 1
Image Credit: shutterstock.

Second technique:
Beat the egg white and egg yolks in separate bowls. The egg whites need to be beaten until it becomes really white like fluffy clouds hehe. Then pour in the beaten egg yolks into the egg white mixture and mix until well combined. Only then, you should fry them.

separate an egg 1
Image Credit: lovefood

This slight change in technique gives you a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in the fluffiness of the omelet. 

Super Fluffy Omelet 1
Image Credit: tasty

Why? Because when you beat the egg whites separately, you have incorporated more air into the mixture. This results in a fluffier omelet when you fry it.


Try it now to see the difference!

Credits for this awesome tip goes to Nur Mashitah.

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