This Is How You Should Store Chicken To Make It Last Longer

Don’t you hate it when the chicken you bought starts to give off a funky odor? It makes you cringe and you might even lose your motivation to cook.

Here is what you should do to prevent this. 


  1. If you got your chicken delivered instead of buying it yourself, first check if it is in a good condition. If not, GET A REFUND. This is why it’s important to always check any ingredients you ordered online.

2. Then comes the most important part, washing it before putting it in the refrigerator. Do not directly put it in the fridge with the plastic bag. This is because it is vital to clean the dirt and blood that may be on the chicken. It is what actually causes that stinky odor.

This Is How You Should Store Chicken To Make It Last Longer 2 1
Image Credit: Hana Rahman

3. Once you have thoroughly washed it, it is recommended to cut it according to the sizes you would like to serve it. This makes it easy for you to throw out any IF there are any parts that may have rotten. Plus, it’s so much easier and faster to prepare when you are going to cook. Perfect for people with a busy lifestyle!

4. Then you may place them into zip lock bags or air tight plastic containers

5. Now the SECRET – add in a few pieces of pandan leaves. Recommended 3-4 pieces. 

6. Optional: You can also wrap it up with a newspaper.

7. When you are ready to cook it, simply take it out! It should smell just fine and still look fresh.

This Is How You Should Store Chicken To Make It Last Longer 1
Image Credit: Hana Rahman

Now you can ensure your chicken is stored well.

Credits for this awesome tip goes to Hana Rahman.

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