Top 10 Imported Flour You Need To Know

From bread to cakes, baking is the art of turning flour into delicious food. Not enough baking powder and your cakes are flat. Too much flour and your cookies will come out rock solid!Thus, choose the right flour for the right task and you’re closer to baking success. Today we break down the differences between these top 10 imported flour you ought to know.

Japanese Bread Flour (Pan Syokunin)

Japanese bread flour Pan syokunin
  • Short intro : Japanese Bread Flour is perfect to make a very soft “fuwafuwa” japanese bread roll. Some of the examples of the “fuwa fuwa’ bread are shokupan.
  • Specification :This bread has 12.2% of protein content which makes it good in bread making products. With an extra fine wheat grinding pro-cess the texture of the flour are more soft and silky thus making it fun to work with!
  • Usage : Soft bun such as dinner rolls, shokupan, white loaf

Japanese Bread Flour (Super Melanger)

Japanese cake flour violet
  • Short intro : Super Melanger bread flour is now gaining a lot of attention of serious bakers due to its ability to give structure to the bread.
  • Specification : Super Melanger contains a super high protein content. Due to that, this type of flour has the ability to absorb water and is stable in the autolease process. Thus becoming one of the go to flour among sourdough fans. Plus it is unbleached flour! Good for you baby starter.
  • Usage : Sourdough-based bread.

Japanese Cake Flour (Violet)

Japanese Cake Flour Violet
Japanese cake flour violet
  • Short intro : Japanese Cake Flour (Violet) is a must when you are trying to get that beautiful and really succulent japanese cake crust.
  • Specification : Japanese cake flour has a much softer and silky texture compared to normal AP flour This type of flour is so soft and light it does not require any sifting procedure. The protein content in this cake is 7.8% and it is suitable to make a cake that are using the meringue method.
  • Usage : Castella Cake, Japanese Souffle Pancake and Japanese Cotton Cheesecake.

Japanese All-Purpose Flour (Melanger)

Japanese cake flour violet 1
  • Melanger means that this flour had gone through the stone mill process. Thus, making this flour extra smooth and fragrant!
  • Specification : This all purpose flour was made by mixing hard and soft germ, thus making this flour protein content around 9.6%. Due to that this flour is suitable to make any kind of pastry products.
  • Usage : Can be used in all pastry products but need a little bit of work and tricks!

Dark Rye Bread Mix

Japanese cake flour violet 2
  • Short intro : Dark Rye bread is different from normal bread because of the types of grains that are used in the flour making process. you guess it.. its Rye. However there are varieties of rye flour and this one is Dark Rye.
  • Specification: This flour is an unbleached dark rye mix. This mix contained Rye Flour, Roasted Wheat Malt, Flour, Lactic Acid & Barley Malt Extract making your bread taste even better because the darker the flour, the intense the taste of the rye. All of it contributes to the sweet aroma of the bread and gives a deep dark brown caramelized crust. It is a perfect look if you are looking at sour dough bread. The ingredients originated from German, thus delivering you a very high quality and fresh material to start with you bread. You can’t argue with them, european are the master of the sourdough bread.
  • Usage : Dutch Bread, Sourdough Bread and Starter.

Spelt Flour

Spelt Flour
  • Short intro : For your information, spelt flour is popular back in ancient greek times. Spelt flour contains a lot of carbohydrate compared to normal wheat flour thus making it suitable for you to fill your stomach fast!
  • Specification : This product is combined with a high quality spelt flour, wholemeal spelt flour, coarse wholemeal spelt and spelt flakes. Not only that! It is also fortified with few selective legumes to enhance the taste and the texture of the end product. This mixture have sunflower seed, ground
    lupin seeds and sesame seeds. Lastly with a hint of honey to make this flour taste sweet and become more nutritious for those who are health concern. This flour are perfect in making various types of healthy bread.
  • Usage : Bread, cookies and pie/ tart crust. but need a little bit of work and tricks!

CAPUTO Classica Farina ‘oo’

CAPUTO Classica Farina oo
  • Short intro : Italian flour is a bit different from japanese flour although both share the same look and the extra fine flour particle, Italian flour is stronger than Japanese flour.
  • Specification : This CAPUTO Classica Farina ’00’ is popular among pastry chefs due to the content of the flour that has no additive and additional enzymes which are great in maintaining the real taste of one’s product. It does not alter the end product result. Some of the flour may affect the product aroma because of the additive and additional enzyme. The code of “00” is the indication that the flour is milled in Italy. and “00” means this flour is extra fine.
  • Usage : Bomboloni and Soft Bun.

Organic Coconut Flour

Organic Coconut Flour
  • Short intro : Coconut flour is the way to go if you are allergic to gluten or you are planning for a keto diet program or paleo diet program. It is because coconut flour is gluten free and low carbs content compared to normal flour.
  • Specification : Bob’s red mill organic coconut flour is made of 100% GMO free coconut and it is organic. This flour does not have any grain content thus making this flour is 100% gluten free. Coconut flour are very versatile, it can be made into varios types of cookies, bread and even cake but please be careful because coconut flour are very absorbent and with will absorb a large amount of liquid in your batter. So be sure to add some more liquid if you are using coconut flour!
  • Usage : Pastries, bread, cakes and cookies.

CAPUTO Pizzeria Farina ’00’

CAPUTO Pizzeria Farina 00
  • Short intro : Making pizza, like a really GOOD pizza needs a very strong flour and CAPUTO Pizzeria Farina 100′ is the perfect choice for it.
  • Specification : This flour has a very special gluten strand compared to other types of flour. It is because the gluten strands are more elastic and it is suitable for a long fermentation bread recipe. as you all may or may not know the longer the fermentation process the better the taste, texture and aroma of the end product. Some of the flour gluten strengths are not capable of holding that much long and the gluten strands will usually break or dissolve if you are making high hydration dough.
  • Usage : Pizza Dough, Long fermentation bread.

Sweet Potato Flour

Sweet Potato Flour
  • Short intro : Sweet potato flour is popular in Japan. Nowadays people are more aware of this flour and catching the spotlight because it is gluten free.
  • Specification : Sweet potato flour is rich in minerals and contains a lot of vitamins compared to other counterparts such as corn and potato flour. it is also free in gluten which means that it is perfect for those who are unable to digest any gluten content product. Sweet Potato flour is also rich in carotenoids which are good in maintaining eyesight!
  • Usage : Pastries, bread and tarts.

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