How To Crumb Coat Cake

Don’t crack your head if you’re just an amateur baker or someone who is trying out baking as a hobby. If you’re a beginner that is stuck and not knowing where to start on how to frost a cake. Here are some easy guidelines for you to learn.

  • Always have your cake cooled before putting any frosting onto cake layers. You don’t want your frosting to melt once you have layered all your cake and suddenly find it wobbly and start panicking. So remember, make sure your cake has cooled down totally.
  • Before you crumb coat your cake, make sure you have filled in between cake layers with frosting.
  • Crumb coating a cake is very easy as you will only need a scraper and an offset spatula. If you do not have an offset spatula, you can use the back of your spoon. Because crumb coating simply means applying a thin layer of frosting around your cake.
  • It also helps you to fill in places where your cake might not be totally even. After chilling the crumb coated cake, it gives you a solid base to decorate your masterpiece. 
  • Crumb coat helps to lock in moisture to your cake and prevent it from drying out when you pop your cake into the chiller while waiting for it to harden.
  • Crumb coating is very important as it helps to catch any loose crumbs around your cake and prevent them from entering the final coating of your cake.
  • Not only does it catch loose crumbs but it creates a smooth, even surface and ensures your cake is level for your final layer coating.

These tips are very important to know. You may be tempted to skip these steps, thinking that it’s too fussy or time-consuming. But it makes all the difference in the presentation of your frosted layer cakes.

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