Pure Butter VS Butter Blend In Baking


  • Has more fragrance
  • Gives baked goods a nice aroma
  • Does not have strong buttery taste that overpowers your baked goods

Butter Blend is more appropriate for frying and basting. Now you know which to use and when!

Pure Butter And Butter Blend Are Completely Different!

Pure Butter VS Butter Blend In Baking 1

Pure butter is made of cream that has been churned to separate the fat from the buttermilk. Pure butter is made of butter fat and the fat content is about 80% which is high.

Butter blend is butter that has been mixed with margarine. It contains lower saturated fat content. Margarine is a processed vegetable oil which is added with a stabilizer to bind water molecules. Then to produce a butter blend, margarine is mixed with pure butter.

Butter VS Butter Blend

Pure Butter VS Butter Blend In Baking 2
ButterButter Blend
Work well in creaming method in bakingHarder to achieve creaming method in baking
Contains saturated fat & cholesterolCombination with vegetable oil which offers a lower calorie count
Harder to spread straight from the fridgeEasily spread straight from the fridge

When to Use Pure Butter

Pure Butter VS Butter Blend In Baking 3
  • Pure butter especially unsalted butter is perfect in baking.
  • Butter contains residues of buttermilk which is good in baking bread! It is because the butter will melt and water will evaporate thus creating extra puffs for your bread to expand and making it extra fluffy!
  • The dairy taste of butter is universal which means it can be mixed and paired with anything.

When to Use Butter Blend

Pure Butter VS Butter Blend In Baking 4
  • Butter blend is good for frying because the smoke point of a butter mix is a lot higher.
  • Thanks to the margarine which helps to increase the smoke point, your deep fried chicken will taste a lot better.
  • Butter blend is also good in basting a chicken. So if you are making a big dinner chicken, it is recommend to use butter blend.

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