Top 10 Trendy and Stunning Cakes in 2023

These cakes should be in a fashion show. That’s just how breathtaking they are. 

1. Geode Cakes

Geode Cakes 1
Image Credit : celestialcakery

A Classic Geode Cake is made to look like a crystallized geode is formed inside the cake. They are typically made of rock candy. Geode Cakes can also be customized by having a geode exterior instead of an interior.

Geode Cakes 2 2
Image Credit : brides

This cake has dyed sugar rocks placed on smooth buttercream on it’s exterior to give a ‘je nais se quoi’ look. Some geode designs feature a beautiful marble finishing as the coating on the cake.

Geode Cakes 3
Image Credit : sinfullysweetcake

You can observe the smooth marble coating with gold touches and the emerald geode inside. Absolutely impressive! Furthermore, the geodes don’t have to be in one color only. They can have multiple colors!

Geode Cakes 3 1
Image Credit : DeliciousArtsBakery

This dreamy cake is made with a greyish color geode on the outer layer, then a pastel pink color geode as the inner layer. And worry not if you do not like rock candy! You can make geode cakes without it!

Geode Cakes 5
Image Credit : elisecakes

This elegant beauty is made with fondant and hand painted to look like a geode. Some geode cakes even have a textured edge to make it more believable.

Geode Cakes 6
Image Credit : alicialovestobake

They can also come in small sizes.

Geode Cake
Image Credit : archziner

This mini geode cake has an intricate topper as well. Making it both cute and captivating at the same time. You can also make a statement by going wild with geode designs.

Geode Cakes
Image Credit: cakesbylynz

This design is phenomenal.

2. Translucent Isomalt Cake

Translucent Isomalt Cake 1
Image Credit : pinterest

Isomalt is a type of sugar substitute made from beets. It is not as sweet as sugar and is odourless. It is commonly used as cake decoration toppers. It can also be used to hold little cookies and macarons.

Translucent Isomalt Cake
Image Credit: shaadiwish

Just look at this marvelousness. Translucent Isomalt can also be used other ways and not just as a topper.

Translucent Isomalt Cake 3 2
Image Credit : pinterest

Here the Translucent Isomalt is placed at the sides of the cake.

3. Brush Stroke

Brush Stroke
Image credit : mybaker

The Brush Stroke is another popular artsy design on cakes these days. These brush strokes are usually made just by using a spatula There can come in large 4-tier cakes.

Brush Stroke
Image Credit : pinterest

This could be an art piece at a museum. Brush Stroke Cakes can also come in cute mini sizes.

Brush stroke
Image Credit : junipercakery

This could be a ‘kawaii’ baby shower or birthday cake. Some people go really creative and incorporate them with other types of deco to form a whole new look.

Brush stroke 4
Image Credit : jennycookies

Now that’s the cutest turkey cake I have ever seen. I don’t even feel like eating it because it’s too cute. Ermm, nah I think I still will. I mean can you resist a cake?

Brush stroke 3
Image Credit : wilton

And this pineapple cake! Such a cute summer cake!

4. Modern Square Cakes

Brush stroke 5
Image Credit : brides

If you look back at the cakes in the past, most of them used to be more gaudy. Some people liked them, but I’m more of a minimalist. So these modern designs are my favourite!

Brush stroke 6 1
Image Credit : weddingcakes

Now that’s what i call a beautiful modern cake! If I’m going to choose a wedding cake. It would be this. Besides that, have you heard of concrete cakes? (and no they are not made of concrete)

Brush stroke 7
Image Credit : reddit

This concrete design on cakes is also becoming so famous. It can be paired with many different decoratives like geometric shapes, flowers and more.

Brush stroke cake
Image Credit: thefrostery

Now let’s break Modern Square Cakes further. (pun intended)

Deconstructed cakes are breaking the stereotypes of how cakes should be assembled.  

Brush stroke 11
Image Credit : thebutterend

This is such a unique ensemble it definitely is going to make heads turn.

5. Minimalist Cakes

Minimalist Cakes
Image Credit : zeeandelle

Less is definitely more. Minimalist cakes look like they were definitely ‘Marie Kondo’ approved. Take for instance, this cake with the little bear on top. There’s another version with rustic leaves.

Minimalist Cakes
Image Credit : zeeandelle

And some with just a splash of color on a white base.

Minimalist Cakes 3
Image Credit : eatcaketoday

Buttercream frosting has never looked so aesthetic. And some with gradient effects on the sides of the cake.

This cake is a representation of the ocean. How beautiful and calm. And of course most minimalist cakes have just floral designs on them, which is enough to make you go “wow”.

Just look at how this cake is so simple yet just so gorgeous. 

Minimalist Cakes 5
Image Credit :100layercakelet

This cake made rustic and minimalist work like a great combo! You also might come across small ‘kawaii’ designs on Minimalist cakes nowadays.

Minimalist Cakes 6
Image Credit : eatcakebemerry

I have never seen more cute watermelons than this. And some just have a word or sentence on it.

Minimalist Cakes 7
Image Credit : weheartit

Yeap. This cake made me smile for sure. I am pretty sure you did too right?

6. Edible Pressed Flowers Cake

Minimalist Cakes 8
Image Credit : weddingomania

If there were flower fairies, these cakes would look like it was custom made by them. Using edible flowers as decorations, they are pressed gently and placed as desired on these cakes.

Minimalist Cakes 9
Image Credit : abeautifulmess

Such vibrant colorful flowers. Perfect for a girl’s birthday cake.

Image Credit : reddit

This one has a more messy look to it – that still works well. It looks so effortless.

7. 3D Printed Decorative Cakes

3D Printed Decorative Cakes
Image Credit :

Now this shows how technology is nothing but awesome! These cakes used 3D Printing Technology to create beautiful patterns. 

Minimalist Cakes 12
Image CredIt : thekidshouldseethis

We have to thank Pastry Chef, Dinara Kasko, who used her background in architecture to come up with these mind blowing designs.

Minimalist Cakes 13
Image Credit : worthwhilesmile

Have you seen Tron? Or any other futuristic movies? Yeap, this looks like something out of a science fiction movie. 

Minimalist Cakes 14
Image Credit : designyoutrust

Just look at this cake. So precise. So interesting. It looks out of this world! 

8. Dripping Cakes

Minimalist Cakes 15
Image Credit : belgique

These Dripping Cake designs have taken the world by storm. The drips are usually made of dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate and cream or royal icing.

Minimalist Cakes 16
Image Credit : deliciouslyyours

These cakes would have got you thinking, “how is something that is dripping, looks so pretty instead of messy?”

Minimalist Cakes 17
Image Credit : cakes_ideas_videos

We even got a Gold Drip design. Very exquisite indeed.

9. Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes 1
Image Credit : ivforcake

Another trend among people these days – Mini Cakes. Absolutely adorable!

Mini Cakes
Image Credit : thewoodandspoon

I love how these mini cakes come in two beautiful pastel colors with simplistic designs on them.

mini cakes 1
Image Credit : bellacupcakecouture

These cakes are super mini sized! This makes them super adorable!

10. Cake Alternatives

Mini Cakes 2
Image Credit : pinterest

Lastly and certainly not the least, we have Cake Alternatives as the latest trend. The possibilities of this trend are endless! People have gone crazy with the designs of using other pastries or food to assemble a cake. The one above is a macaroon cake.

Cake Alternatives 1
Image Credit : dumpedandhungry

Beware! The cookie monster is about to chow this down! This ‘cake’ is made of huge cookies. 

cookie monster
Image Credit : hitched

We certainly can’t ignore the ‘Donut Cake. Thank you Krispy Kreme!

And that’s a wrap! Were you blown away?

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