Breakfast Parfait Recipe

Bonjour~ Would you like a parfait? (I certainly would haha) The Luxury Cereal with Chia Seed Breakfast Parfait is exquisitely delicious and healthy. A healthy breakfast treat for healthier living. What could be a better breakfast than that?

Breakfast Parfait


Sour Cream Filling


  • 60 g Hwa Tai LUXURY Crackers Cereal with Chia Seed
  • 60 g Passion Fruit
  • 60 g Tasted Pecan


  • Add sour cream, icing sugar and combine well
    Breakfast Parfait 1
  • Then, add the sour cream into piping bag
    Breakfast Parfait 2
  • Next, assemble the element up to your preference.
    Breakfast Parfait 4
  • Repeat the process
    Breakfast Parfait 3 1

Try out our Hwa Tai Chia Seed Breakfast Parfait and start off your day in the best mood.

We collaborate with Hwa Tai to create this awesome recipe.

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