Day 15: Introduction to cakes

Cake, the most delicate dessert that is loved by many. In order to bake a cake, you need to know the category of the cake and how different methods contribute to the cake texture. It is crucial to master this and finally know all of the methods generally in order to give you an idea of what the cake will look like. It would also help you avoid any errors in making a cake. 

There are 3 main mixing methods in cake making and all of them have one goal which is to incorporate as many air bubbles as possible inside the cake batter. The three types of mixing method are the sponge method, mixed method and chemical leavening method.

The first method is the sponge method, this method is the most classical method where the eggs are beaten into a stiff peak with sugar (to give stability) and then folded into the flour batter. This action is to incorporate an air pocket inside the flour batter. This type of cake is the most durable compared to other counterparts. However, it does require skill in order to mix the meringue and flour batter without deflating the air inside the meringue. 

Next, is the mixed method where a little bit of the chemical leavening is added into the flour batter and then the batter will be folded into the egg white meringue. This method is the most foolproof so you don’t have to worry about deflating the air bubbles inside the meringues because you would have good support from the chemical leavening such as the baking powder and soda. 
Lastly, is the only chemical leavening method. These types of cake are risen due to the chemical reaction and the heat that produces air bubbles thus, making the cake leavened. This cake is more brittle compared to the sponge method, so be careful in handling it. It is hard to be decorated with stiff frosting like Italian buttercream. Hence, it is advisable to freeze the cake before frosting it.

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